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Trafficmaster Allure Flooring

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Gorgeous, but...


As far as I know, this product is currently available only at Home Depot. The product comes in planks that are approximately 3 feet long and 1 foot wide.  The planks stick to each other via a glue strip that is hidden once the flooring is installed. Allure is sold in boxes that contain 24 square feet of product. I love the look of this flooring...just love it!  I installed it in our bathroom, and it's gorgeous.  We choose the "Corfu" style, which is a fairly light-colored tile (see picture).  Allure also comes in a hardwood look. This product was easy to install.  The only tool I needed was a saw. My only complaints are that some of the tiles popped up once we put the bathroom vanity back in the bathroom.  Apparently the weight of the vanity made the tiles pop up.  I had to use Crazy Glue to get the planks to stick back down. Also, try as I might, I still had small gaps between the planks.  I filled the gaps with caulk and then painted the caulk to match the color of the "faux grout" of the tiles.  The overall look is stunning.  I would give this product 5 stars except that I had to Crazy Glue it down in places, and I also had to fill gaps.  Allure made for a fantastic looking bathroom floor.  And it was so much easier to install than real tile!  Plus, with Allure there is no grout, and I hate cleaning grout.  (There *is* the illusion of grout, which is very pretty.) I'm very happy with Allure, but I do wish the planks snapped together, instead of being held with glue.  I think the bond would be stronger, and I wouldn't have had to use Crazy Glue and caulk to finish the floor.

Farmington, MI


Trafficmaster Allure Flooring

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