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Trader Joe's Winter Blend Coffee

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A wonderfully spicy coffee, adds a kick to your morning!


Trader Joe's Wintry Blend coffee is something I look forward to every winter.  It is a spicy blend with peppercorns and other spices.  I love that extra kick in my coffee.  It is a nice, dark-ish roast that benefits from the additional spices.  It differs from flavored coffees because it does not have a flavor, per se.  The best way to describe it is a "kick."  I add some nonfat milk to my wintry blend coffee or drink it black.  My mother-in-law and I usually stock up during the holidays, and drink it throughout the year.  Last year, this coffee must have had a huge following, as Trader Joe's ran out of stock.  I can't wait for it to return to the stores this year.  I would venture to say that this is our favorite coffee.  Keep it whole bean and grind before brewing.  Brew it strong and add some milk or creamer.  It is a great way to spice up your winter morning...or spring...or summer...or fall.

Corona, CA


TJ's Winter Blend warms your bones on a cold day or any day.


This is the third winter we have bought this wonderful blend. In previous years it was available only as beans. This year Trader Joe's sells it pre-ground. It brews well in both a drip machine and my steam espresso maker. The coffee aroma is fantastic. The spices enhance rather than compete with the coffee flavor. I like strong coffee and usually use teh recommended 2 tablespoons per six ounces with other blends. I shave it to a little less than 2 TBPS for the WInter Blend.  

Centreville, VA


It excited my tastebuds!


I've tried many of TJ's coffees over the years but nothing matched Trader Joe's Winter Blend Coffee for the smooth and spicy flavor I enjoyed when I had my first cup.  I absolutely love it.  Even before I had a cup; when I opened the seal and smelled that amazingly fresh and wintry spicy aroma, I knew it would be good. It was great!   Thanks TJ's! ...Rowdy!

Oakland, CA


A good, flavorful coffee blend for cold weather.


I always sample the coffee at TJ's, but I think this was the first time I tried the coffee, and immediately bought the coffee on display. The spices used really add a good flavor to this coffee, and when you open it you can see the natural spices (not artificial flavorings) have been used. The only drawback is that I can't drink this every day. The flavor is special and a little bit strong, so I'll drink it once or twice a week.

San Francisco, CA


Trader Joe's Winter Blend Coffee

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