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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Wheat Free Waffles

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Great wheat free waffles!


Trader Joe's has a great variety of wheat free products, including these waffles. I have had to eat gluten free for a few years now, and have tried many products to a varying degree of success. The waffles heat up nicely, and have a great flavor. They do not have an after taste to me that some gluten free products do. They are very affordable and cook quickly. I usually heat mine up in the toaster oven, but they are also quick in the toaster. It is a nice breakfast or snack option to keep in the freezer.




Gimme gimme, these are awesome!


These are delicious! I don't know why, but I alsways like gluten free and wheat free snacks, even though I am not a celiac...I love theses waffles and have them for breakfast every morning, and they also make a good afternoon snack, or dessert after dinner. My roommates decided to try them after hearing my rave reviews and were not as impressed as I am. I mention this so that you know not everyone loves them as much as I do. However, I found some other people that are obsessed, so I think it's kind of a hit or miss thing, but hit is obsession, and miss is indifference. So you really don't have much to lose. I recommend at least giving it a shot. Trader Joe's is well-known for their unique and quality products.  I like to try most of the new items they come out with and am usually impressed. It's a great store with great products, and this is no exception. Next time you stop by give these a try!


Baltimore, MD


One of the best GF foods I eat on a regular basis!


 Hello, I have major issues with gluten and must eat gluten free every meal. In my search for a quick and easy GF breakfast item I came across the Trader Joe's waffles.  I am very impressed with the taste and the fact that they cause me no IBS issues. This is one of the few GF items that truly are consistent in giving no gluten. They are very similar to the Vans Wheat free waffles from Whole Foods except Trader Joe's cost a lot less. The only problem I have is that they are so popular that they have been out of stock the last few days. Monday


Los Angeles, CA


Suprisingly Delcious


As someone who has to eat gluten free and who chooses to eat vegetraian, I have found Trader Joe's to be my  saving grace grocery store. Finding good, gluten free, items to eat are difficult. I often have to make everything from scratch which I do not always have time for. These waffles are gluten free, wheat free, and yeast free. They are actually really delicous. Sometimes gluten free products can taste quite gummy, but these are very much like a regular waffle They have a wonderful consistency. I eat my plain sometimes, spread with a little greek yogurt, or eat like normal waffles with butter and syrup. I think TJ's has made a very good frozen waffle here. I was extremely empressed with the quality of these waffles and they actually taste reallly wonderful! If you don't have to eat gluten free, these are still extremely healthy and you should definitley give them a taste. Anyone who is interested in eliminating un-healthy transfats and chemicals from their diet might be interested in these as a breakfast product. Overall, I am very impressed with these and will most definitley purchase again!


Milpitas, CA


Trader Joe's Wheat Free Waffles, Wonderful!


*** Trader Joe's Wheat Free Waffles are the best yet. They are wheat free, gluten free, and yeast free. It says 2 waffles are 230 calories, but one makes you feel full. They can be put in a toaster, microwave, toaster oven, or conventional oven. they are not only healthy, they taste great. You can add what ever you like on the waffles also. Syrup, fruit, jams ect..... Whatever you like. They have vitamins, plenty of iron, and no trans fat or fats that are bad for you. I would tell anyone to try these as they are just wonderful, and I am so happy to have this product. ***


Minneapolis, MN


Trader Joe's Wheat Free Waffles

4.8 5