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Trader Joe's / Trader Darwin's
Trader Joe's / Trader Darwin's Ginko

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Affordable Gingko Supplement!


Sometimes I take Trader Joe's Gingko Tablets because they really do seem to help me think better and the price at Traders Joe's is always great. I do like Gingko as a supplement because it really does seem to bring more blood flow to my brain which makes it just a little bit easier for my middle aged brain to remember those all important details like where I left my car keys or to remember to pick up something at the grocery store on the way home from work. Gingko also is supposed to be helpful in preventing strokes which is very important to me as well as I have seen first-hand how devastating strokes can be and I would like to avoid one at all costs! I like to mix my supplements and take different brands and types because I figure that I have a better chance of getting the right thing at least sometimes. I did recently start taking a Gingko supplement that includes and Eye health component, since the eyes are so strongly linked to the brain. So when I am taking the Trader Joe's Gingko Tablets I also take the Trader Joe's Super Vision Eye Formula at the same time to add that component to my vitamin mix. I like the price of Trader Joe's Gingko Tablets!

Amherst, MA


Trader Joe's / Trader Darwin's Ginko

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