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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Toaster Pastries

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Healthier version of Pop Tarts.


Every time the youngest kiddo would ask for Pop Tarts, I would cringe.  The thought of oodles of empty calories and sugar floating around in his tiny body at eight a.m. was enough to make me look for alternatives. I found it at Trader Joe's. And guess what, it's even organic!  The Nature's Path Toaster Pastries are available in two flavors: strawberry and blueberry.  I've had both of them and strawberry is my favorite.  The hubby likes the blueberry better.  The youngest kid will eat either of them. The toaster pastries have zero trans fat and are considered a vegetarian product. They're made with organic wheat flour and whole wheat flour, sweetened with cane juice  and powdered sugar and there's also dextrose in the label too.  The pasteries are topped with an icing that's very thin.  I would really enjoy these pastries a bit more if there was more icing.  There are six tarts to a box, two tarts wrapped in foil just like Pop Tarts.  Ironically, the serving size is one tart, so you'll have to give away the second one to stick with  210 calories per serving.   But I have no complaints, because the youngest kiddo isn't bugging me about Pop Tarts anymore!

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Trader Joe's Toaster Pastries

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