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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Rice Drink - All Varieties

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Good Taste For Rice Milk


My daughter really likes the Trader Joe's Rice Drink. She doesn't drink dairy products anymore and she doesn't like "natural flavor" in things and the Trader Joe's Rice Drink without vanilla doesn't seem to have any of that and she really likes the taste. The cost is quite low and you can purchase it in both the large and the small containers depending on your needs. But really, my daughter likes her Trader Joe's Rice Drink heads above the rest of them so why would we purchase another brand from anywhere else? I should also mention that it is organic which is important to us as we don't think that pesticide residue is a great thing to eat! Does anybody? Worth the extra money now to us in order to avoid the cancer later, if it caused cancer immediately everyone would refuse to eat conventional food that has been sprayed with chemicals but it is hard to see the big picture. I say why take the chance and with Trader Joe's prices it certainly makes it easier on the wallet to do the right thing. So I do recommend the Trader Joe's Rice Drink if you aren't able or interested in drinking soymilk or cow's milk.

Amherst, MA


Trader Joe's Rice Drink - All Varieties

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