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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's - Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate

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My mother-in-law recently came over with a present from Trader Joe's .Having moved far from one, I miss my trader joe's runs terribly. I usually stuck to fruits, cereal and wine from my favorite grocery store, but my mother-in-law has added chocolate to my list. I tried the dark chocolate for the first time today, and after convincing myself I was very, very low on anti-oxidants, I allowed myself to eat the whole bar (okay, maybe 4 bars). I love chocolate so this isn't much of a surprise but it really was good- fresh, rich, delicious,  such a natural flavor. While I have a love affair with hershey's, you can really tell a difference in this dark chocolate. I don't know what they have in it, but you can guarantee I will be making the drive to trader joe's each week. Their wine tastes better with dark chocolate anyway. Treat yourself to this. Because, like I said, dark chocolate is good for you!!  

Smyrna, GA


Don't feel too guilty about splurging on this chocolate!


I LOVE dark chocolate - and Trader Joe's makes a great dark chocolate bar. I'm also a health food junkie. This chocolate bar is probably as close as you can get to reconciling those clashing identities - dark chocolate is antioxidant-rich, and low-sugar (relatively speaking). A square a day won't sabotage your weight loss plans, either. If you eat a lot of dark chocolate, you already know what you're looking for: the rich, slightly bitter taste signaling that all is well in the world! Trader Joe's delivers. Probably the most attractive feature of this chocolate bar, aside from the fact that it meets "dark chocolate standards," is the price. As with a lot of Trader Joe's products, you're paying a lot less than you would at Whole Foods, other specialty health food stores, or even "regular" supermarkets. Pretty good deal. For those looking to splurge once in a while on their diet cheat days, Pound Plus is a good choice.

New York, NY


Trader Joe's - Pound Plus 72% Dark Chocolate

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