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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Organic Free Range Chicken Broth

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Stock up - an economical stand-in for homemade


I have always been appalled at the price of broth and stock in traditional grocery stores.  I cook a fair amount at home and try to make homemade stock whenever I am able; I keep it in my freezer.  However, there are times when I run low or just need too much to want to dip into the precious homemade stuff when it is not going to be a core element of the meal.  This is where Trader Joe's Organic Free-Range Chicken broth comes in handy.  I have found this to be an inexpensive (half the price of other brands in my local grocery stores) and tasty way to round out bean soups, use to cook rice, or otherwise supplement my cooking.  I have not found it to be quite as tasty as homemade, so if the broth is a primary ingredient, such as in a broth-based soup or to make risotto, I still try to use the homemade; but when I am using it for other purposes, it is a great alternative to other store-bought brands.  My one complaint is that TJ's used to carry this product as a stock and now only seems to carry the broth - at least in my area - so the flavor is not as intense.  Small price and it is also nice that it comes in a refrigerator-friendly reclosable container so there is no need to transfer like you have to with other can-packaged brands.

Pittsburgh, PA


Trader Joe's Organic Free Range Chicken Broth

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