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Orange Juice
Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's No Pulp Orange Juice

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Great OJ


My family is in love with all things Trader Joe. The majority of our grocery items are from Trader Joe's, and we all love it! The juices at Trader Joe's are one of the things that I find a bit lacking in their chain. I think that many of their juices are not made with the same care and thougth that goes into their frozen or baked goods. This juice is actually one of my favorites. This juice has a very pure and healthy taste to it which I love first thing in the morning. My kids are always drinking this juice with all of their meals, and I am really satisfied by this juice through and through. I would highly recommend this delicious juice to everybody. This orange juice is a great and healthy drink for any group of people, regardless of age or preference.The  only thing that you have to watch out for is that it gets a bit clumpy if you don't shake it properly before opening the bottle for the first time.

New York, NY


A tasty morning pick-me-up


***Trader Joe's* No Pulp Orange Juice** is a tasty pick-me-up with the energizing flavor and scent of orange juice.  Consistent with the ***Trader Joe's*** brand, their no pulp orange juice has no fat, but is has a fair amount of sugar.  There are 24 grams per 8-ounce serving*.* ***Trader Joe's* Orange Juice** is made from concentrate rather than juice to give it the pulp free consistency.  My family has been drinking this orange juice for years.  Personally, I prefer a little bit of pulp in my orange juice, but what can I say, Momma rules.  My kids love the taste and will drink ***Trader Joe's* Orange Juice** all day long if we let them. If you're a pulp lover, you probably won't like ***Trader Joe's*** **pulp free orange juice**, for obvious reason.  One good think about the absence of pulp for my kids as toddlers; ***Trader Joe's* no pulp orange juice** doesn't clog up the drinking holes of the kids' [sippy cups][1] .  Other orange juices that have had pulp did clog the cups, making it harder, if not impossible for the kids to drink from their [sippy cups][2] . [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Gerber-Childrens-Products-Fun-Grips-Color-Change-Spill-Proof-Cup-review-67ca3 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Gerber-Childrens-Products-Fun-Grips-Color-Change-Spill-Proof-Cup-review-67ca3

Dayton, OH


Trader Joe's No Pulp Orange Juice

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