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Trader Joe's Next to Godliness Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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Container sucks


The container SUCKS! This product spills constantly!! Made very cheap! The container unscrews! TJ fix your cheap product!! The cleaner is good but the container is useless

Ventura ca


So Fay one of the best multipurpose cleaner


This product is one of the best, is gentle and natural made. And is also powerful to clean durty windows and mirrors any washable surface leaving stain steel and glass streak free cleans my kitchen and tables perfectly, vinil floor, counters and walls. Clean any washable surface. I really love to use it and smell it's gentle fragrance of cedar wood.



works well


This is our go to natural cleaner. I clean everything with it. The painted metal apartment door. It never did strip the paint off. I also used it on the walls and mirrors. It is truly multipurpose. I like the scent that it leaves. I think it smells nice like a fresh spring day with the windows open. I also use it on my stainless steel appliances weekly. I was about to use it in the car but was stopped by my husband. You can also use it to spruce up your sneakers. I buy this product weekly at Trader Joe's. It will remove crayon off the tile floor. I even used it on the wood floor for spot cleaning. It works really well on laminate furniture. It will also so add a nice shine to a stainless steel sink. I cleans well on granite counter tops the dark ones and white enamel too. I am so happy that i found this gem. I stock up on this when I am no where near a Trader Joe's because what other cleaner is there? Oh I also used it to clean the plastic blades on the fan.



Trader Joe's Next to Godliness Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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