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Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers

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No one will guess that you didn't make these yourself!


Oh my goodness these Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers are so very very tasty! I first had these at a party and I thought that the hostess must have made them herself but later on when I had them from Trader Joe's I recognized them. They are a really good melt in your mouth experience and I could almost eat the whole box by myself. Just the right mix of pastry dough and a creamy mushroom filling they need only about twenty minutes in the oven to come out just perfect. You don't have to tell anybody that you didn't spend hours folding and crafting them yourself. I did notice one day that I wasn't supposed to put them in the microwave, which was a shortcut that I would sometimes take. It turns out that any product with mushrooms needs to be completely cooked throughout because sometimes mushrooms can harbor things you don't want to eat raw. However I only noticed this after microwaving them multiple times and once even eating them frozen from the box when I was on a trip and didn't have access to a microwave. Hear that Trader Joe's? We wish you had a microwave right in your store!


Amherst, MA


Something extra to warm things up!


A small group of us gathered for Easter Dinner yesterday at the home of friends in Brookfield, Illinois.  While we were waiting for the meal to begin, somebody passed around a nice hot tray of ***Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers***.  What a delight!  The lovely finely chopped, sauteed mushrooms and onions wrapped in golden brown cream cheese pastry were a delightful appetizer.  The box held a dozen which meant that we each enjoyed a couple of these ... just enough to savor without spoiling our appetites for the rich dinner waiting in the wings. **STATS:** Someone has generously estimated five turnovers to be a single serving which contains 210 calories with 110 calories from fat.  There are 12 grams Total Fat, seven grams Saturated Fat, zero Trans Fat, 35 mg. Cholesterol, 350 mg. Sodium, 22 grams Total Carbs, two grams Dietary Fiber, four grams Sugars and five grams Protein in addition to 10% (D.V.) Vitamin A, 2% Calcium, and 15% Iron. **TASTE TIP:** ***Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers*** should be heated carefully and not for too long and are a "natural" served with ice cold ginger ale or beer.  


Oak Park, IL


Great Appetizer


I really like serving **Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers** when I have guests over because not only do they taste great, but they don't require a lot of work.  These turnovers make a great appetizer, but you will have to buy a few boxes because there are only 12 in a box and they are pretty small, about two bites each.  The turnovers are made with sauteed mushrooms that have a nice flavor, with a hint of onion.  They are wrapped in a light pastry that tastes great.  Each serving is about 200 calories, and that is about four of these treats.  They are so easy to make, you just bake in the oven and serve.  They have a great look that is perfect for parties.


Las Vegas, NV


Quick, easy appetizers - Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers.


Trader Joe's was giving out little samples of their Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers. I tried one out and decided to buy a box to have on hand for the holidays. Sure enough. The Trader Joe's appetizers came in handy. The guys all wanted to watch a video. I had some cold snacks, but I thought it would be nice to have something hot too. I just put these yummy turnovers on a baking sheet and heated them for around 10 minutes. TJ Mushroom Turnovers are small snacks. Each one is about 2 bites, though I guess guys might eat them with one bite. They're about the size of hotel soaps but a little thicker (unless you stay in really nice hotels). These bite-sized snacks are filled with mushrooms, of course, and some onions. I really couldn't tell they had onions - just a little flavor but no real bites of onion. The mushrooms are sauteed, or they say that on the box. I'd say so, since they are not slimy. They aren't dry either. Just right. I'm kind of picky on mushrooms and don't care much for the canned ones which I call slider mushrooms. The mushrooms here are tasty. Good thing as that's they main ingredient. The pastry is cream cheese, so it's light and flaky. Overall, the taste is soft but they crisp some in the oven. Nice balance. Not soggy. The crust is kind of like fried pies, but these are baked in the oven. There are not a lot of these in a box. The count is 12 and only 6 ounces in weight total. They are in little dividers to keep them pretty I'd guess. A serving (according to the box) is 5 turnovers. Thank goodness, Trader Joe's does not think a one bite piece is a serving. It's sure not for most people. I did have to smile that the box is 2.5 servings (12 divided by 5 - that math does come out quite right). You get 210 calories for 5 with 110 from fat. Trust me. I can go to the health food store and manage to find the sinfully yummy (and not so healthy) food. In any case, these Trader Joe's turnovers are quite tasty, easy to make, and cute too. I don't get to the Trader Joe's very often (2 hour drive), but Mushroom Turnovers are keepers. I like something quick on hand like this, so when I have guests, I can enjoy visiting and still have a hot appetizer ready in minutes.  


southern, NC


Trader Joe's Mushroom Turnovers

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