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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's - Lowfat Mixed Berry Granola

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Uber delicious!


Now I am not a huge granola person. I usually shy away from granola cereals in general. I am so glad I gave this cereal a shot. So good! I love that it stays crunchy after I pour in my milk. It's deliciously sweet too. All that and its low in fat. Fantastic stuff!



Kind of tasteless


I usually love almost everything from Trader Joe's -- even the cereal.  This looked like a good low fat option, so I decided to try it.  When I eat it alone as cereal, I think it's kind of bland and tasteless.  The consistency is just okay.  I have had better cereal from Trader Joe's and from other stores as well many other times.  What I would recommend doing is combining this cereal with other cereals.  The berry taste isn't too bad, it just doesn't seem satisfying enough.  Also, I think this cereal is a little on the dry side.  You could also add your own fruit and some nuts to this cereal to give it more heft and more flavor.  In the end, I would say that this cereal could be used as a base for making your own granola snack or cereal combination.  By itself, I don't think it's flavorful enough for me to go out of my way to purchase again.  I would note that I am not a huge granola lover in general, but there are some that I have liked.  It's inexpensive and healthy, though.  It might be worth a try for those who love granola cereal.

Phoenix, AZ


Trader Joe's - Lowfat Mixed Berry Granola

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