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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Lean Dry Dog Food

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We feed our dogs less because the food it better.


We feed our dogs less because the food it better. It is very important to use to only feed our dogs foods that are preservative free and good for them.  Our motto is I wil lneed feed anything to our dogs that I would not feed to ourselves.  We have 3 dogs so we need a food that is both affordable and that they all like as well as being high quality.  Our dogs really like the food.  The size of the kibble is also small which makes it easy for our small and big dog to eat.  The food is very quality and if by chance you don't like food then you can return the bag or receipt for a full money back refund.  This also makes Trader Joe's an excellent place to buy your food.  With all the scares about tainted dog food we chose our food very carefully before changing to another food. The only con that we have found so far is that sometimes the stores are actually out.  We have to buy more food than we normally would since the store is some what out of the way. And if one of the stores is out of food we have to have them call to find another store that carries the food or has some in stock. Otherwise we love the food and our dogs love it as well.

Roswell, GA


Trader Joe's Lean Dry Dog Food

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