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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's - Ginger Cats Cookies

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Mmmm tiger-shaped cookies with a gingery bite.


***Trader Joe's* Ginger Cats Cookies** are an excellent treat for the cookie monster in your household.  For mine, that's me.  **Ginger Cats** are relatively low in fat, with only 15 of the 120 calories per serving coming from fat.  A **Ginger Cats** serving size is 15 cookies, which is about two hands full of cookies--depending on the size of your hands, of course. **Ginger Cats** make for a good snack time treat or they also fit well into a snack-sized Ziploc baggie for lunch or just being out and about.  Parents, you know the relief of being able to hand your youngin semi-healthy snack instead of buying them something on the run that's loaded with sugar.  Don't get me wrong, I only wrote semi-healthy because, compared to a carrot stick or piece of fruit, **Ginger Cats** aren't the healthiest of foods.  Still, their *natural flavor* does make them a healthier alternative to most snack foods. **Ginger Cats** come in a one-pound container exclusively sold at ***Trader Joe's*** stores and are like a low-fat ginger snap with a lightly-sweetened taste and that ginger kick.  Everyone in my household likes **Ginger Cats**.  My wife and I keep them on the top shelf to: 1.) keep the kids from spoiling dinner and 2.) save more for us.   ;o) 

Dayton, OH


Trader Joe's - Ginger Cats Cookies

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