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Trader Joe's Garlic Fries

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Too limp to be enjoyable


We enjoy many of Trader Joe's frozen foods, and my husband and I were excited to try these garlic fries when I discovered them on a recent visit. Sadly, they were quite disappointing. I prepared them as directed and was dismayed to realize that they would not get crisp without crossing the line into burnt. So, unless you like limp fries or burnt fries (and perhaps some people do), I just can't recommend them. The garlic flavor is actually pretty subdued, and it definitely doesn't offset the texture issue. I am quite sure that I won't be buying them again. What I have discovered about Trader Joe's customer service, however, is that they accept returns of food with no questions asked and provide a full refund.



These are always in my freezer!


My family LOVES garlic. And we LOVE fries. So when I first saw these at Trader Joe's I thought "Heck yeah!" The first time I actually made them I cooked them on my griddle with olive oil and didn't bake them in the oven, because it was summer and I wasn't about to turn on my oven. (I have since baked them also and both ways come out delicious but baking takes longer and don't come out quite as crunchy.) Once they are cooked you mix the garlic packets (after you defrost them) and voilà you have the most amazing delicious garlic fries ever. As with all Trader Joe's food, I and my family was not disappointed. Now, there is a lot of garlic. There are large chunks of garlic. You have to love garlic to want to eat these fries and enjoy them. But, as with all Trader Joe's product's, if you don't like something you can get your money back, so try it and just maybe you'll enjoy them as much as me. Remember, do lot let them defrost first if you are going to cook them on the stove or they'll fall apart.



I'm sure I'll be breathing garlic for five days!!


Making my way through all the delicious products at Trader Joe's, I decided to try something new - **Trader Joe's Garlic Fries**.  I have liked just about everything I have purchased at Trader Joe's, so I didn't even hesitate when I threw these fries in my cart.*  *Unfortunately, these are one of the few products at Trader Joe's that I'm just not crazy about. I did like how easy these fries were to make.  Just bake them in the oven until they are crunchy and then mix them with a packet of garlic sauce.  Unfortunately, the end result is a soggy french fry with an extremely strong flavor of raw garlic.  Don't get me wrong, I love garlic - even a strong garlic flavor, but these are way too strong to enjoy.  They have that spicy bite that raw garlic gives, but worse because you are getting so much of it.  After eating a couple of fries, I just couldn't eat anymore.  Thank goodness my husband ate them too, or I'm sure he wouldn't come near me for a while!  The packet of garlic sauce includes: garlic, canola oil, olive oil, parsley, salt and spices. There are huge hunks of garlic in this sauce and that with all the oil, makes the crunchy french fries totally soggy and unappetizing.  If you like garlic and soggy fries, you might enjoy them, but they tasted a little "heavy" from all the oil. If you are daring and still want to buy these **Trader Joe's Garlic Fries**, I strongly suggest you add a little bit of the garlic sauce at a time.  Even with a little sauce, I still don't think I would enjoy these, as the garlic just tastes too raw.  

Camp Lejeune, NC


Trader Joe's Garlic Fries

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