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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Chocolate Raspberry Sticks

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3 stars for change would be higher is chocolate was different


I replied to another comment but could not give a star rating unless I made a specific comment of my own. I am celiac sprue and would like to say that as I love and welcome the change, it would have been nice to know that TJ made this change an the chocolate is thin and not thick and creamy like it used to be. I have hade many gluten free choclates and I know that it is possible to pull of thick and creamy.

Avondale, AZ




I've tried twice to post my review--no luck!! I used to love these but TJ has changed suppliers and recipes--this is why the stores were "out of stock" recently The new sticks are gluten free--but they taste awful. I was told by a TJ employee (when I questioned him) that there is a new supplier. The old one wanted to charge too much and TJ resisted--well, no one asked me!! I would rather pay more and have somthing I like be available. I will not be buying these again.  The gluten free ones are bad tasting!!!

Medford, OR




trader joe's has the best products!! and i love their chocolate! these raspberry chocolate sticks are also yummy in the orange flavor. they are smooth and not too sweet. i love just snacking on them or serving them for parties... especially during the holidays! you have got to try these!

Spokane, WA


Look fast before I eat all the Trader Joe's Raspberry Sticks.


I finally got to Trader Joe's, because they have one in Chapel Hill where I sent my son off to school. One thing I got there that I love is the Trader Joe's Chocolate Raspberry Sticks. Yum boy. I got them when we visited the school and more last week when I took my son to college. They did not quite take the edge off the leaving but helped. Trader Joe's Chocolate Raspberry Sticks are like the raspberry gell in the Whitman Sampler box. It's kind of a jelly like thing but not that soft with chocolate covered over. The one in the Whitman Sampler is very small. The Trader Joe ones are bigger. One brother and I loved those. Whoever got there first sure ate that - and then no more. Only one in the box. Boohoo. Another comparison I'd make is those orange slice candies with sugar all over them. They're like that but not covered in sugar but covered with chocolate. When I saw these, I thought they might be like those Whitman Sampler raspberries that I've always loved but seldom ever get. They were too. Very close. These come in orange too - same concept. Love those too but vote raspberry for my top pick. My boys think these are just dreadful. Since they usually eat up the candy before I think to  get any, that's a good thing. I get to eat them all (-: Well, I did share with my brother. Yehaw. No fighting over the only one in the Whitman box. A whole plastic container full of these yummy candies. I hate to tell you what is in these candies. Sugar. Sugar. Sugar. Hey, it's candy. One good thing though is no cholesterol. My doctor told me mine is bad. Watch cholesterol. So, I can convince myself that these are pretty good for me even if 150 calories for four pieces. Pretty big pieces though. I almost missed a photo opporunity, but I thought to make one before I ate all my Trader Joe's Chocolate Raspberry Sticks. You can see the container and candies, so you can find them in Trader Joe's. They are with cookies and other great junk food. I must get myself out of that section and over to the fresh fruits and vegetables. Since it's over 2 hours to get to Trader Joe's, I don't think it's going to be a big issue though. I could always call my kid to mail some. Bad Cyndi. Don't go there. OK. Well, these will be a treat when I go up to Chapel Hill and the Trader Joe's.

southern, NC


Great Snack for Work


Trader Joes Chocalate Raspberry sticks make the ultimate desk top snack for work.  Got those mid morning munchies but too soon for lunch?  Have one of these little treats.  Each stick is good for two bites, and loaded with Raspberry gelatin and flavor.   Not too sweet but great pick me up.   Be warned, once you put these out on your desk, Visitors will find ways to stop into see yo, and perhaps have one or two of these tasty treats as well.

Short Hills, NJ


so good they are sinful


These little dark chocolate covered sticks are addictive and their orange cousins are as well.They make a nice addition to an easy desert tray when paired with some of Traders Joe's other chocolates. A quick trip down the aisle and you are all set.

Merrick, NY


Trader Joe's Chocolate Raspberry Sticks

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