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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Chicken Chile Verde

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A great meal or a great add on


I tried TJ's Chicken Chile Verde for the first time a few days okay.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It is quite spicy -- but I'm from New Mexico and it tastes like this dish uses New Mexico green chiles.  When I made it, I put it over some of Trader Joe's frozen jasmine rice- so this was a very quick and delicious meal.  It wasn't quite enough for three people, but it is plenty for two people if you put it over rice.  It would also be good over potatoes (especially mashed potatoes) or added into another stew to add some variety.  I would comment that for most people unless they added it over rice or something to cut the heat, it would probably be too spicy.  However, if you like spicy food, you could even serve this by itself as a side dish -- a dinner soup or an appetizer.  But be prepared to grab some water!  I also think serving it with flour tortillas would be a great way to cut the heat and also add some more heft to the meal.  It is fairly salty (on the label) but it does taste perfectly seasoned otherwise.  I would definitely recommend!

Phoenix, AZ


Trader Joe's Chicken Chile Verde

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