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Trader Joe's
Trader Joe's Cedarwood and Sage Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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I love Trader Joe's all purpose cleaner


This is my number 1, go to all purpose cleaner.  The price is very affordable especially for an all natural cleaner.  It has a very pleasant smell, it is colorless, and it cleans!  Even though the toxicity is less, I still wear gloves with this when I clean.  If you don't, you're still exposing yourself to chemicals, and the stuff is very drying to your skin. I use this to do maintenance cleaning through my home.  I use it in the kitchen, on floors, walls, sink, toilet, and anywhere else I may need to clean.  I would not use this on furniture though, because it will leave ugly stains.  To get stubborn dirt off, I need to use this with an abrasive sponge. I can easily get it at my neighborhood trader joe's and it does not cost me a fortune like the ones at Whole Foods. I refuse to use brands like 409, so I really like that I can get the Cedarwood and Sage cleaner at a price that does not drain my bank account. Highly recommend this product, I have a bottle of this stored in every room in my house.

Beverly Hills, CA


Trader Joe's Cedarwood and Sage Multi-Purpose Cleaner

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