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Frozen Italian
Trader Giotto's
Trader Giotto's Authentic Italian Penne Arrabbiata

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Arrabbiata means 'angry' & Trader Giotto imports it from Italy.


  Photo above:  THE REAL TRADER JOE : Joe Coulombe (*Private Label Magazine*).    I love the name of **Trader Giotto's Penne *Arrabbiata**** *a lot more than I do this **Trader Giotto (Joe) **product. This "angry" penne gets your attention with a richly-textured but *very* spicy tomato sauce that may cause you or one of yours to turn it away with a "whew!"  **Penne Arrabbiata** microwaves nicely at Medium for four minutes, stir, then continue for three minutes more.  Directions are also given for heating this frozen dish in a skillet for six to seven minutes.  I don't honestly think it would make a lot of difference apart from the oil used in the skillet.  (Water is also a given skillet option.) If serving this **Trader Giotto Penne** again, I'd probably saute some bell pepper for color as well as taste modification, then add it to the nuked pasta.  Garlic bread and a tossed salad with avocado, garbanzo beans, broccoli, cucumber and a non-tangy dressing might complete the menu with complementary mildness.  A sweet-ish white wine would also provide some contrast. **Trader Giotto's Penne Arrabbiata **has neither meat nor dairy products in it and is appropriately marked for *vegans*.  The 16-oz package serves three people at 200 calories per person.  Total Fat adds ups to 6g (1g sat fat) with no trans fat.  Sodium 470 mg, Dietary Fiber 3g, Total Carbs 29g (three of dietary Fiber) and 7g protein complete the basic nutrition facts. Sorry.  Even though I *crave* spicy-ness, this entre just doesn't turn me on.

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Trader Giotto's Authentic Italian Penne Arrabbiata

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