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Trader Darwin's
Trader Darwin's High Potency Multiple Vitamin & Mineral

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Pretty good!


This is a fairly good value multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. I like that they are comparable to the cost of other store brands but also contain a fairly good number of vitamins and also contain a good array of vitamins to get my daily value in. From my comparisons, they aren't that much different from other basic multi-vitamins but the daily value percentages vary slightly depending on the brand. I think these are a little big in size so consumers should be aware if they struggle with taking pills or prefer something that is a lot more accommodating like a chewable or a very small pill....although that can be difficult to find in a multi-vitamin since they have to pack so many vitamins in one place! Overall, these have become part of my routine an they definitely supplement my vitamin needs even though it is still important to get them from a fresh and diverse diet.



Top quality multi-vitamin at a fair price.


Trader Joe's has created the "Trader Darwin's, For the Survival of the Fittest Vitamin Crusade" brand to market their "High Potency Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Sustained Release Dietary Supplement".  The bottle contains 360 tablets, so you have 180 servings per container.  They contain no yeast, sugar, starch, artificial flavors, color, or added preservatives. This is a top-quality vitamin, at a fair price.  Sustained release and no stomach upset!   

Naperville, IL


Trader Darwin's High Potency Multiple Vitamin & Mineral

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