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TradeWinds, Inc.
TradeWinds, Inc. Tape Worm Tabs for Cats and Kittens

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Easy to give to cat!


Although I cannot say whether this fully worked yet or not, I CAN say it seems to be working. I got this medication for my kitten, who is roughly 3 pounds. Directions say 1/2 tablet for that weight. I was trying to figure out a good way to give it to her, so I tried it in food. I barely pushed down on the tablet and it turned into almost a powder. It was very easy to disguise in some cat food. She ate the food and did not seem to notice any difference. Some medications have a funny taste and animals won't eat them, but this did not smell like anything to me, nor did my cat notice it in her food. Each bottle comes with 3 tablets and do not expire for 2-4 years. (my bottle is good for 3 years but I am sure it differs). It's been 2 days since she has had this medication and I have not noticed one single tape worm, which were sometimes seen on her tail hair before. She has had NO side affects. Has not made her sleepy, less active and has no ruined her appetite. Would highly recommend this medicine, as it's fairly cheap, easy to give and has no side affects.




Tape Worm Tabs really work!


I bought this for my cat after 2 vet visits for tape worms within 6 months. The vet told me he kept gettig worms because he had fleas, well he was an inside only cat and I constantly checked him for fleas. Once he go worms a 3rd time I was seriousl doubting whether the prescription medicine completely got rid of them. I did not want to pa another costly vet bill so i bought this and the worms are now gone for good! This was over a ear and a half ago!


Sherman, TX


Thank goodness for Tape Tabs


A couple of years ago, we had a horrible flea problem.  At the same time, I discovered that my cat had tape worms.  Once I got the flea AND tapeworm situation under control, I vowed never to let too much time pass between applications of Advantage and to always have Tape Worm Tabs on hand. My cats are inside cats, and they're in good health and don't require frequent trips to the vet.  So, I was unaware that my cat had tapeworms until I figured out what the weird little rice-like things I kept finding were.  (Thank goodness for the internet!)  After I realized that they were tape worm segments, I took a good look at my cat's hind side and saw a worm exiting her anus.  Disgusting!  I immediately ordered some Tape Worm Tabs and administered the suggested 1.5 pills to each cat, and that quickly cleared up the problem.  I also treated the cats for fleas, which were apparently feeding the tape worms.  Though the Advantage and the Tape Tabs were expensive, together they were cheaper than a trip to the vet, so I am pleased that they're both available online and find the expense well worth it.


Birmingham, AL


TradeWinds, Inc. makes a great dewormer for your cat.


I have used this tapeworm product and find it to be very effective. My poor kitty seems to reinfect himself so I have tried a couple of products in an attempt to relieve him of the worms. While these tabs can prove difficult to give to your cat, they do work. I find it easiest to give my cat the medicine by grinding the pill up and mixing it with his wet food. Yes, they are a little pricey but it is a worthwhile expense when compared to Trade Winds competitors. I purchase a Homeopathic medicine, which will be unnamed, that was not effective and more trouble than it was worth. The best thing about TradeWinds Tape Worm Tabs is that you only have to give it to your cat once a month at most. The other, nameless, brand had daily directions for its use. Without a doubt, these tape worm tabs are simple to deliver and provide the best results. I stopped seeing symptoms in my cat in only two weeks. With results like these, I will never buy another brand again.


Granite Falls, WA


Tradewinds Tape Worm Tabs for Cats Expensive!


Tradewinds Tape Worm Tabs for cats work great, but are too expensive! They are only 23 mg and that means most of my cats have to take 1 1/2 pills to be effective. When there are only 3 pills in the bottle to begin with, and the cheapest I have ever foend them is 30.00 for three bottles of three....WOW! The cost was huge. I found another product that is the exact same ingredient, but 50 mg, and it was only 17.00 for 10 pills. Tradewinds needs to re-evaluate their pricing.


Acworth, GA


TradeWinds, Inc. Tape Worm Tabs for Cats and Kittens

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