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TradeMeters Retail Point of Sale Software

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An easy and feature rich POS Software


Trademeters POS is an excellent point of sale solution. It does not rely on any gimmicks and does exactly what it claims. This POS software offers the right combination of features so that they get the job done easily and efficiently. Moreover the simplicity of using it allows you to get the full benefits for your business quickly. I highly recommend Trademeters POS for managing your business.

Mc Cormick, SC


I Trust TradeMeters POS software: http://www.trademeters.com/


Purchasing Trademeters POS software has been one of the best business decisions of my life. It is such an easy Point of sale software that even a beginner like me was able to learn and use it without any difficulty. Not only that, I was able to easily train my employee who is also new to computers very quickly. They provide a comprehensive user manual and training videos which makes learning this already intuitive software much more rapid. I have experienced great productivity boost in various processes and functions of my business. Right from making sales and purchases to automatic management of inventory and instantaneous reports, Trademeters POS has made running my business so much easier. They also offer a great customers and vendors manager and the ability to calculate gross profit and your complete inventory's value at any given time. Moreover you can use this software on more than one computer even with a single licensed copy. Trademeters offer a 30 day trial download with all functionality which I recommend to everyone before purchasing.For further information on this pos software, please visit: http://www.trademeters.com/

Alexander City, AL


TradeMeters Retail Point of Sale Software

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