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Toyotomi Oil-fired Tankless Water Heater OM-148

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There ARE oil-fired tankless water heaters.


Our old water heater was on its last legs, and we needed a new one. We wanted a tankless heater, and they had electric and natural gas heaters, but we had oil heat. No body had heard of an oil-fired tankless water heater. Until we finally found the Toyotami "Oil Miser" Oil-Fired Tankless Water Heater. The picture shows the empty space that was taken up by the old water heater, compared to the compact Toyotami. We had some issues when it was first installed as we removed all the air trapped in the fuel line. We started to think that we had made a mistake. But now, we are very happy with it and it never gives us trouble. The old water heater had a 30-gallon tank, so it used a lot of energy to heat the water periodically. The Toyotami only has a 5-gallon tank to keep heated, then heats the additional water needed "on demand." We have never run out of hot water once the unit is fired up. Tankless is the wave of the future. And now you're not out of the race if you have oil heat! **** ****    

Belle Mead, NJ


Toyotomi Oil-fired Tankless Water Heater OM-148

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