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Towncraft Cookware Set

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Buying my Towncraft Cookware is the best investment ever made


Back in the sixties, my husband and I purchase a complete set of Towncraft Cookware which was guaranteed for a lifetime.  This cookware is completely stainless steel and even the handles are guaranteed to last or there's free replacement.  I know, because I had one handle to break about 6 years ago----the Towncraft salesman replaced it right on the spot--no questions asked, no hassle and no cost.  My cookware has been used considerably for the last 40 years and it still looks and cooks great today.  It isn't dented or scratched up like most pots and pans you see.  It doesn't have that ugly teflon coating that so easily peels off after a few uses.  It looks almost brand new.  I still love using this cookware because it cooks faster and the heat is distributed more evenly throughout the cookware.  It doesn't require high heat so it helps on the power usage.  Being a Baby Boomer, I probably cook about twice as much as a lot of foks these days, but I enjoy cooking for my family, and this cookware is easy to use, easy to clean and nice to look at.  At one time, I was ashamed for anyone to see the old aluminum beat-up pots and pans I used to own, but now people take notice when they see my cookware, and it never fails that they ask about it.  It makes me feel good to be able to say, "Why, this old stuff-----I've been using it for over 40 years!"  Ha! Ha!  With that kind of record, you know I mean it, when I say,"Towncraft makes the best cookware in the world, bar none."

Traphill, NC


Towncraft Cookware Set

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