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Touro University International (TUI University) - BS in Computer Science

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An online accredited degree with serious, quality courses.


First, I actually read the reviews on this exact website for another program before applying to this university.  I was skeptical of the quality and hoped that I wan't running into a dollar store style University.  My fear was that I would pay X amount of money for a degree that wouldn't be accepted anywhere.I found that this was accredited and shared the same accrediation as UCLA.  That was a major plus for me as my degree would be applied in the defense IT industry. The costs are what you'd expect, about $250 a credit, usually $1k a class.  Classes are 4 credits each.I compared my experience with blackboard and TUI's system. At first, I wasn't prepared to navigate the new system, but I was more comfortable as time went on.   They gave me a CD with all my course work on it so I can do this while I'm on my laptop in a hotel room if needed.  You're not tied to a blackboard system.  I decided to take operating systems as my first class to judge how good the quality will be.   There are no quizzes.  Don't be fooled.  You're not going to coast easily through this classwork.  There is a case study that I must research and write a 3-5 paper on every 2 weeks. It's easy if you're really into computers.  You have a semester long project that your write a paper for every two weeks to show you're actually doing something.  Last, every two weeks, you must communicate your thoughts on a subject via the forums.I'm impressed.  I like this better than the lower quality blackboard driven systems.  I do miss quizzes, but then again, I don't.  This university will absolutely prepare you for your masters if you wish to continue.  Computer Science is my current major with this university.I read a complaint about a broken link on one of the other reviews for this university.  I did run into this problem and discussed it with my teacher. He informed me that the data is indeed checked before the semester starts.  I was able to google the article he intended and all was well.   The use of current real-world articles can sometimes change if the website they're asking you to read changes their data.  This isn't the Univeristy's fault. If you have no patience to write papers and put in an honest effort, go to a diploma mill where your degree is worth the common denominator.  This is tough, solid work , but rewarding.  I actually check the site two times a day.  I'm that excited to complete this class.  I'm already applying what I've learned into the real world so the information I'm learning is up to date and solid.You receive your own email address and the ability to check it online.  This is solid.  Thank you for that.Teacher's credentials are rock solid.  I'm not getting a nobody instructor.  I'm getting folks with experience in the field as he or she has worked for a major company prior to teaching.  If there was a local classroom to attend, I would feel that this quality is up there with major universities.  I've been to many universities as my job and life forces me to move.I hope this helps anyone in the IT field looking to complete their computer science degree.  This university accepted a majority of my credits and is pushing me forward to finish my BS in Computer Science.Norman Bohn

San Diego, CA


Touro University International (TUI University) - BS in Computer Science

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