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Nail Strengthener
Total Nail Rx
Total Nail Rx Sudden Strength

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Used to have weak brittle nails


I have the worst thin, brittle, and weak nails that you have ever seen. I have an extreme desire for long luscious strong nails and feel like I have tried about every product made to man to make that dream come true. I am often disappointed  at the result and just end up wasting my money. However, that was surprisingly not the case with the product total nail rx sudden strength. Not only are my nails constantly getting stronger, but the length has also tremendously increased. The lady that does my nails on a regular basis has also noticed that they are tougher and growing longer every time she sees me. I love how clear the product comes on and how smoothly it just glides onto my nails. And the drying time is also pretty great. By the time one hand is finished, the other hand is already completly dried and ready for color. It really does takes just seconds to dry. It does not have any strange odors or chemicals in it, and has not affected my regular nail polish colors in any way **** ****

Austell, GA


Total Nail Rx Sudden Strength

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