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Total Gym
Total Gym Home Gym

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Total Gym Helped Me Lose 100lbs.


I can't say enough good things about the Total Gym. I have been using this product for over two years now and I love it. When I started using the gym I weighed in at an extreamly hevay 305lbs. It took me roughly 8 months to get down to my current 205lbs. With out dieting and using this product 3 times a week for 30 minutes I have never felt better in my life. Keep in mind when you buy a Totaly Gym you need to be aware of the modle you are buying. A lot of the store modles are junk and just don't compare with the commercial modle. Make sure you get a modle that has a foot stand on it. This foot stand is what I use to gain cardio and strength training together. Make for a fast workout and I gain mucle mass which helps burn calories.

Lansing, MI


Total Gym is interchangeable


I love my Total GymxL. I use it mostly in the winter season because I spend alot of time outside during the summer. When I can't exercise outside, I exercise on my Total gym. I love it because you can do so many exercises. The variety keeps it from being boring. I do my strenthening exercises three times a week. I do my cardio five times a week, and I can also do Palates during the week.  The versatility is what keeps me going back for more. Also I suffer from tendonitis at times and my machine helps me keep that under control so I don't need to go to therapy at the hospital. 

Cleveland, OH


The Total Gym XL Performs Exactly As The Infomercial Said.


I bought the Total Gym XL about a year and a half ago, and at first I was using it every single day,... It does do everything the infomercial said it would, and you really can get the results that they say you can as long as you use it as often and do the workouts they recommend that you do, but for me, it's pretty difficult to keep at it on a machine like this... I prefer using elliptical machines, and am shopping for one, so when I finally do find the right one I will write a review on it... Anyway, The Total Gym XL is a really good machine, very durable, and very easy to use, it's a bit on the heavy side, in my opinion, but it does fold up to a pretty compact size that does fit quite nicely under the bed. It would fit under a tall sofa as well, or in a small closet. That is one of the features that it has that I enjoy. I bought the leg attachment with it and that part performs quite well too. This machine is more for those people who are trying to build muscle, and a bit less for those people who are trying to tone up their muscle. It does have different settings that you can set it for. I myself am not trying to build muscle mass, I just like to stay good and toned, so I, when I do use it, use it on the low setting which provides the least resistance and I just do more repetitions... It is stylish looking too, It's durable and tough. it stands up to abuse, which it gets quite a bit of around my home with my little one and my teenagers... The only thing I would change about the Total Gym XL is the vinyl like workout surface, although it makes it very easy to clean and more sanitary, I don't like the way your skin sticks to it and it gets slippery when it gets sweaty, yuck! So I use a terry cover for mine that I wash after using... Thanks for reading!

Tucson, AZ


Total Gym Home Gym

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