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Total Gym
Total Gym 1700 Club

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I found Total Gym to be a great and versatile choice.


Works just as described. Simple and easy to use. Total Gym surprisingly hides away easily. you can put it under your bed,in closet or anywhere else because once it is folded up it takes up almost little space. It also takes up little space when in use. low impact workout that you can easily adjust most settings with minimum effort. Performance The product held up well in every exercise I tried. I really liked how I could target other areas of the muscle groups while in motion of reps without having to get up, stop or do anything else besides change angles or the positioning of my arms. This was good for me because other home gyms required me to get up and readjust a lot more than i have to do when using Total Gym. Ease of Use Very simple to use. Quick and easy set up and breakdown. Durability It held up well with my 200 plus pound frame. I was amazed such a small machine could do this. Design i found this product to be simple,yet very effective.



Hate to exercise, but love this machine


I should start off by saying that I am definitely not an exercise freak or very athletic at all.  I exercise because I want to stay in shape, but I certainly don't enjoy it.  With that being said, I love the Total Gym.  Out of every piece of equipment that I've bought over the years (and there has been a lot!) this is the only thing I've kept and still use.  I have an older model, so I can't really say anything about the specifics of the current models, but this really is the easiest, quickest workout I've ever done, and it actually works.  It pretty much works your entire body and even though it doesn't give the same cardio as something like a treadmill, it can get your heartrate going.  I highly recommend it.

Philadelphia, PA


Works well, small, a little unstable


This is a great machine. I like that you don't have to plug it in and you're using your own body weight. I definitly feel the burn after just a few minutes at even a low level grade. The only problem is that it is a little unstable. If you're alright light-weight, you shouldn't have a problem. But, I am over-weight and I sometimes feel like the bench is buckling beneath me. A little scary! Despite this, I would recomend the machine because it accomplishes your final goal and is easy to use while watching TV.

Salt Lake City, UT


Total Gym 1700 Club

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