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Total Gym
Total Gym 1000

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Great for small spaces


This product is great if you want some workout equipment and don't have a lot of space for several different machines. You can work out all different areas of your body and it uses your own body weight as your weights. It is kind of a pain to move the different parts to work out different areas but once you get used to doing it, it gets easier as you go along. It comes with a book that shows different exercises. It is perfect if you don't have a gym nearby and want a cheap piece of equipment to keep you in shape. Although, I have to admit that my husband does not use this machine enough as he needs more motivation and needs to go to a gym to workout. Otherwise, if you have the motivation, all you need is this machine and maybe a treadmill and you would be set.


Bridgewater, NJ


Watch your Hair!!!


Okay folks, hang on to your hats,"Walker Texas Ranger" has a machine for you! I bought the Total Gyn, because I was looking for a portable machine that could fit under the bed, exercise every muscle group and work my core. Reality: The machine is very, very narrow (less than 25 inches wide), extremely heavy (you don't want to move it unless you have to), long enough for a 6 foot person to use (okay if you have a large long space that is not occupied in the living room), and is a pully system using your bodies weight as resistance. The platform ramp you place your body on, moves easily, and comes off the track often. It is not attached anyway to the ramp other than two grooves (back of the seat) so it can come off the track rather easily if you are not adept at moving your body in a narrow space. WATCH your hair! If you have shoulder length hair, you best get it up in a cap, or risk getting it ripped in the grooves of the track. Does the machine work: YES! Can you get a good workout? Yes, but...with the narrowness of the bed, you have to stop often to re-adust your body, the incline and the straps...It takes much longer to work out, you don't get a cardio workout because you have spent a great deal of time, just getting the machine right, you situated on that narrow bed, and then doing your reps. Better bet? Get dumb bell weight sets and a resistance bands, along with a good video to move you through your paces. It was a good idea by Chuck Norris, but man, you need space, you need dexterity, and you need to be hairless!


Columbus, OH


Total workout with Total Gym!


This Total Gym was a good find, when my husband and I bought it several years back at a local retailer.  There is so many workouts that can be done.  Included with the Total Gym was a booklet that mounted to the top which showed you how many different kinds of workouts there are.  My husband uses the Total Gym to do situps on.  I use it to strengen my legs and my arms as well.  Instead of getting out and spending way too much money at the gym, I use my Total gym.  No more saying I'm not going to excercise today because it is too cold out.  All I have to do is go to my living room, and do those workouts on my Total Gym.  I like that it is just one piece of equipment.  I don't need to buy a whole lot of other equipment.  If you have any kids that are of the age to exercise, then I would sugguest this Total Gym.  My teenage son  has no problem following the variety of workouts listed.  My youngest daughter can not wait till she can use the Total Gym.  If you are a serious excerciser or just one who likes to do it occasionally I would sugguest the Total Gym.   


Milford, OH


The Total Gym is a slick piece of equipment


I've had one of these for years. For those times when I've been between gyms for one reason or another, this machine makes a nice alternative. Movement with it is fairly smooth (some exercises are problematic, but most allow you a very smooth range of motion). The pad on it has lasted me for a long time as well, without tears or becoming overly flattened. I've had a similar experience with the grips, although, they have just recently started to show their age. The machine allows you to adjust the weight by raising or lowering the bench itself (higher incline means more weight) and how much weight you can use is based on your personal weight. I've not experienced any particular exercises that make me feel like I'm straining, but the weight is sufficient for a good cardio/toning workout. My biggest complaint about this is the cables press into my arms when doing chest exercises. I do have very wide shoulders, so this may not be a concern for you if you are narrower than I am.


Rocklin, CA


Great workout that emphasizes full range of motion


For someone who is into lifting weights in the traditonal sense, the Total Gym does have its limitations. For instance, you can hit your chest pretty well in terms of doing Fly type exercises from more angles tha would often be easily done with weights; however, this machine does not feel completely satisfying in reference to fully replacing a Bench, Incline, or Decline Press. That said, I really like the Total Gym overall because it emphasizes a fuller range of motion and, in essence, functional strength more so than tradional weightlifting does. In a way, it is akin to doing a gymnastics ring type workout with the welcome option of being able to adjust the resistance for more repititions and/or drop sets. It is also very easy to adjust, maintain, and store just as advertised.


York, PA


Total Gym 1000

3.6 5