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Total Chef Juicin' Power Juicer

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This is a great juicer, but would recommend for a more experienced juicer. It can be kind of complicated to put together and use for the first time. It has great juicing power and does a marvelous job of extracting the most amount of juice possible from the food placed in it. The chute to insert the food is a little bit smaller than other models I have previously used, but not a whole lot of prep is needed at all. I love the stainless steel design and the parts that are black are very easy to come clean. It does a fantastic job of straining the pulp and virtually none is present in the juice which is great. Taking it apart is kind of daunting, but can be done. Once split open it is very easy to clean as long as you do it pretty soon after you are done using it. Pulp Setting Effectiveness Works very well at straining all the pulp out of the juice. Stability While in Use Does not scoot across the counter or table as some others do. Ease of Cleaning Very easy to clean as long as you clean it soon after juicing.



Total Chef Juicin' Power Juicer

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