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Tot Lok
Tot Lok Magnetic Cabinet Lock Deluxe Starter Set

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These locks are great!


I had to buy locks for the cabinets when I started to babysit my nephew. He gets into everything and I was worried about him going into the cabinets that had harmful chemicals. I bought these because the latch cabinet locks are a hassle for adults to open. These locks work wonderfully I have not had to worry about him getting into my cabinets since I installed them. With the Tot Lok Magnetic Cabinet Lock Deluxe Starter Kit you do need to have a few tools on hand. It requires permanently attaching the backside of the lock to your cabinet doors which can be a pain, but outside of that these are simple to use. All I have to do is take the magnet that comes with it and put it against the door to open it. The best thing about these locks is that it allows the cabinet doors to stay completely shut. I think it is really neat how the magnet that comes with it is strong enough to reach the magnet installed on the inside of the door making opening the cabinet door very easy. The magnet also conveniently sticks to the fridge. This is a nice feature because I can place it high enough on the fridge that my nephew cannot reach it, but it is still in easy reach for adults to grab it and use it. Effectiveness It works better than I had expected it to work. The door stays shut without the gap in it that other cabinet locks tend to have and it is truly childproof! Ease of Use This product is very easy to use all you have to do is stick your magnet to the door and it will open the cabinet for you. Safety I can rest assured that my nephew is safe from harmful products with this tot lok. It is simple to use for adults and so long as I make sure to put it up high on the fridge where my nephew cannot reach it, he cannot open the door no matter how hard he tugs at it. Durability This product has stood up to curious little fingers.




Best cabinet locks ever


These locks have to be one of the best choices out on the market today. They are easy to install and in little to no time at all. And since they are completely hidden on the inside of the cabinets you don't have to look at them. The hardest thing about these locks is getting yourself used to them being there. It took me a few days to get into the new routine and stop pulling on the doors. It feel much better using these as over the ones that catch on a little clip since those kinds still allow for small hands to reach in a remove some things. These are very secure and safe for ALL ages. They are stronge and durable and wont give out or get worn out. They are a little more expensive than some of the alternatives out on the market today but the safety and security they give our family makes them well worth the cost difference. I would definately recommend these to anyone with small children who wants the peace of mind knowing they will keep them out of harms way.




Keep Kids and Parents Out!


These locks are wonderful! The only downside we really saw to them was the parent training involved when going from non locked cabinets to fully locked. We often pulled on the doors before remembering the lock was there. A few weeks of training on our part :) These locks are so cool... fully concealed inside the cabinet, really strong hold - even when tugged on by adults expecting the door to open. A simple magnetic "key" held up to the location of the lock releases the trigger and opens the door. Tabs are included to engage and keep the lock from engaging if desired. While they require drilling to install in the cabinet door, this is a simple and fairly quick process. Should the key get lost, any other strong magnet will do the same job. Luckly, replacement keys can also be purchased. Highly recommended!


Hopkins, MI


tot lock magnetic cabinet locks


Lifesaver!!! with 2 little ones 15 months apart - it seemed like all i was doing was keeping them out of the cabinets. while these locks are more detailed in installation - they are totally worth the time and money. pricier than your standard cabinet locks - i would do these 100 times over before using the others. there is no way for the kids to get into them without the magnetic key. we even put them on our china cabinet. the other child locks -the kind that you have to pull out and push down - broke every time, but these are durable and dependable. i am still trying to get my husband to install them on our drawers and out kids are 8, 4 & 3!if your looking for a child lock that will keep the kids out of your things no matter what - this is them!


Bradenton, FL


Tot Lok does a wonderful job!


Unfortunately I didn't have these locks sooner. My son is 8 years old and has autism. We can't trust him  to make safe decisions regarding medicines or chemicals so we have to use these locks on some of our cabinets to keep him  from  accidentally hurting himself. I wish I had these when he was a baby. They are wonderful. I've tried pretty much every style of cabinet lock, we've even had to install keyed locks on a couple of cabinets. Then I found these!  My son could open it if he understood how they work, however we're able to keep the key hidden from  him , even hiding it in the palm  of my hand when I open the cabinet so he doesn't figure it out. It is such a relief to have these. I really like the fact that I can't pinch my finger in the cabinet like I have before with other safety locks! I did plan to install these myself, but I had to wait for my husband to come home and finish the job. I'd installed some of the others without problem, but these confused me. My husband had no problem  though. So I can't really say blame the locks. The only negative thing is that you'll need a second key or a neighbor with a key if you ever accidentally lock the key inside, but it's worth it to keep your kids safe!!!


Irondale, MO


Keeps our cabinets securely closed to a nosy baby


Our one year old son is quite curious and very active, and loves being in the same room as my husband and I.  Since we spend a lot of time in our kitchen, our little boy was spending a lot of time in our kitchen cabinets - not necessarily a good thing.  First, I tried rubberbands to keep him out of the cabinets, but he could open them up rather easily.  Then we got a slide lock device from the hardware store but that had two drawbacks - it could only be used on double cabinets where the knobs are in close enough proximity to each other to be locked together, and installing the lock straps tight enough to keep little fingers out made it difficult to open the cabinets. I did some research online and knew I didn't want to use the plastic latch type locks at the top of the cabinet doors.  Many people remarked that they weren't really sturdy and most kids could defeat them rather quickly.  On the recommendation of other parents, we purchased the Tot Lock system and my husband spent about two hours installing them in five kitchen cabinets (two under the sink, two in the island, and a single cabinet). You do have to drill through the cabinets, so being very careful is what took up the bulk of my husband's time, as he didn't want to drill through the face of the door.  The kit includes a template for the holes.  My husband did mention that the drill bit they recommend is a very uncommon one that he didn't have, so he had to do a little figuring to find a compatible drill bit.  The kit also includes a small metal extension piece that fits in the lock and helps the magnet operate.  Some of the reviews I read complained that the magnet didn't seem strong enough to operate the lock through a thicker cabinet door, but my husband thinks perhaps the reviewers didn't install the extension piece, as our locks operate easily. The end result is that our cabinets are very securely locked - they don't budge at all, no matter how hard my son pulls on them.  We keep the magnetic key on the side of the refrigerator, and I'm getting used to grabbing that first if I need to get something from a lower cabinet.  The locks can also be temporarily disabled (or disabled long term when you don't need them) with a latch on the back side of the lock.  The locks are also hidden from view when the cabinets are closed. Yes, they are slightly on the expensive side - much more so than the plastic latches, but well worth the money.


Pottstown, PA


Wonderful if you Home Share


We purchased the initial starter set when we were expecting our first child. This set is a life saver for us. Our son was an early walker at 8.25 months of age, so he really did not understand when we told him 'no'. These locks are easy to install. My husband completed placing them on all the lower cabinets in our home in one afternoon. They do require use of a drill and screwdriver. The templates for lacing the locks in the right spot are a cinch to use. There are no errors in placement if you use the templates. I would reccommend purchase of a second key put into safekeeping in the event you lose one because these locks are based on magnets. you can not open the doors without it!!! I also like that once our son is older we do not have to remove the locks, simply flip the tab over the 'catch' and it will stay open. These are ideal if you home share and have certain cabinets you don't want people to get into. We first ran into these locks in a home share and remarked at what a wonderful idea they were because there was no visible lock on the outside and no outside damage to the cabinets by putting them on on the inside.


Athens, GA


Tot Lok Magnetic Cabinet Lock Deluxe Starter Set

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