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Tostitos - Scoops Tortilla Chips, Hint of Jalapeno

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Hard To Find But Great For Tailgating


The regular Scoops Tortilla Chips are a lot easier to find than the ones that have a little bit of jalapeno flavoring added to them; both of them are great for making bite sized snacks and they are something that I love to use when making nachos for tailgating. It is a little time consuming but I have never had anyone try the stuffed Scoops and not like them. The slight jalapeno flavoring added to this isn't something that makes them hot; there is a little tang to them but that's it. They are the same as the regular Scoops so you can use them with dips if you want. I like to pick out the unbroken ones and add seasoned cooked ground meat and shredded cheese to them then bake them. Since I use cooked meat it's basically just warming it up so the meat is hot and the cheese melts on top of it. You can stuff these with just about anything but the Scoops are a little delicate so you can expect about a quarter of the piece in the bag to be broken. You can still eat them but if you are getting them for the purpose of stuffing them or using them with dips you are going to want to go through the bag and pick out the ones that are cracked or broken. There are only two stores in the area that carry the Hint of Jalapeno version of Scoops so when I know we are going to be tailgating I make a special trip to get them. As mentioned, these are not fire-hot but there is a tang to them.



Tostitos - Scoops Tortilla Chips, Hint of Jalapeno

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