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Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1016 (16 GB) 10.1" Android Tablet - PDA01U00101F

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Good but not great


Many aspects of this tablet are really great. It withstood being dropped and while the screen cracked, it still works. The sound on the tablet isn't great, the only way to really hear anything is to wear headphones. As the tablet ages, it starts to slow down and have issues with running apps. There are many days when I have to remove the battery to restart the tablet because it won't run an app or the app has caused display issues. Ease of Use It's pretty straightforward since it's android technology. Battery Life Not that great. Many other tablets have a much longer battery life. Support & Service Well, the android aspect of the has great support but toshiba customer service can leave a lot to be desired. Speed/Performance This has slowed down somewhat as the tablet aged but it is still generally really good. Design Good since it uses android software. Durability After having it for almost 2 years, I dropped it and a crack appeared but it still fully works. Sometimes the tablet really struggles to run apps.




Was so excited to get my thrive!!


When i first received the tablet it worked great, but within a few weeks it was already not working properly. Called the helpline and they just told me how to get it back to factory settings. That worked for awhile and then started happening a lot. I now i have to set it back to factory settings a lot and i lose everything on it. And that is so aggravating! It will make all programs force close and i cant do anything but reset it. And now i can be in the middle of something and it will just close and end what i am doing. So frustrating. I would not recommend this to anyone and the price is not even good.


Pelzer, SC


I never thought I would like a tablet


My husband convinced me we needed a tablet. I was doubtful, but I love it and don't want to go without it now. Ease of Use Very easy to use. My three year old even had figured it out. Battery Life Hold a charge well Support & Service A lot of services to choose from Speed/Performance Pretty good speed, but will slow at times Design Looks good and light weight Durability My two young kids have dropped it a few times with no problems




Toshiba Thrive AT105-T1016 (16 GB) 10.1" Android Tablet - PDA01U00101F

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