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Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 Notebook PC

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Literally the hottest laptop I've owned


For Christmas 2007 I recieved the Toshiba Satellite A210 laptop. For the first year, I loved it. After that, the performance has gone downhill slowly. The first problem I encountered was the heat. The base of the computer where the balls of my hands rest while typing can become so hot it is uncomfortable to touch. Also, when using the touchpad, the tips of my fingers can become numb for how hot the surface is. It begins to get hot if the computer has been on but not even in use for hour or so. After I began noticing how much heat was being given off, the laptop began to overheat and shut itself off. It can do this multiple times a day. Another annoying quirk of this laptop is connecting to the internet. We have had at least three computers or laptop in my household (including the said laptop) on a daily basis all connected to the wireless internet but only the Toshiba will lose a connection to the internet. All other computers will be hooked up fine to the internet. I cannot reconnect by going into network settings; the computer must be restarted manually. It has done this since day one. The only other issue I have with this computer is gaming. I am told that I cannot play games because of the processor. When playing games, the images get distorted and freeze. I have tried multiple disks of the same game with the same result. If you don't demand much from a computer, it will work great. But for someone like myself who is frequently on it, this laptop is not a good choice.

Willimantic, CT


By far the best I have owned, so far.


Easy to use right out of box. I have had no problems with this computer. I love Vista as well. If I had to have a complaint, it would be thaqt it could use a little more RAM, but that is minor since is easy enough to add more. 

Yuma, AZ


Toshiba Satellite Pro A210 Notebook PC

4.0 2