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Toshiba Satellite P105 Notebook PC

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It is a versatile device with a distinctive performance multi-use life long battery comfortable keyboard screen distinguished and beautiful and I plan to get it and will convince my friends so

Tulkarm - Palestine


Good and high-quality products


This product is very good and this experience to me







Good Computer with the Vista Disease


This computer is touted as Toshiba's line of gaming computers and the specs somewhat reflect that. The dedicated Nvidia card is nice, but the 2 gigabytes of ram is a bit low for modern day gaming. The P105 series is heavy, so if portability is a big concern, you may want to look elsewhere. Looking at it for what it is, this computer can still run many newer games as long as the settings are adjusted a bit. You will not get maximum settings on this machine for various reasons. Dated hardware, obviously, is one, but this computer also has a problem of overheating. This can be somewhat remedied by an external laptop fan, but if you're tech savy, changing the thermal paste will more or less fix this issue. This will also void your warranty however, so do at your own risk. Given that this is a gaming laptop, the major flaw with this system is Vista. The graphics card is not fully compatible with Vista and an unaltered machine will stutter every few seconds while playing games. Overall, this computer should only be considered by someone willing to dedicate the time to make it work right. For everyone else, this shouldn't be an option.

Arcadia, CA


This is my second Toshiba Laptop! Best out there!


I love the Toshiba laptops.  This is my second one, and as I am a truck driver, they really hold up well to all the abuse, bumps, rough roads etc.  I have also had an E-machine, but it didn't hold up.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who is hard on their laptop!

Noel, MO


Not intended as a portable comptuer


Well, it's fast for sure, rocking a Core Duo processor @ 1.73 ghz. With a 17 inch screen, it's obviously a desktop replacement. But I'm not too sure about that ... First off, the touchpad. The touchpad is small! And it gets hot while the laptop is on, and often times I have nearly burned my fingers by stroking the touchpad. And the battery life - my first time charging it and using it - it lasted 2 hours flat. Not impressive. I was expecting at least 3 hours even for such a big PC because of its new Core Duo processor. And the fan! The fan never quits, spinning up at random times for a couple seconds to cool down the PC. Yes, the PC does get quite hot during use too :(. I just hope it doesn't damage something while it's on my lap ... ;). Quirks aside, it's a servicible laptop, as long as you are not expecting portability. The Core Duo processors are no magic bullet to performance and heat issues. It's an incremental improvement. Guess I'll wait longer for better laptops ...

Jacksonville, FL


Toshiba Satellite P105 Notebook PC

4.2 6