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Toshiba Satellite M305 Notebook PC

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Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4831


I love this laptop for multiple reasons, all the hardware that it is integrated in it and the reasonable prices. First of all for the security software that come with it it was great and still because I can always can have the children around me be safe while they surf the web, and also because it make everything easier, with the webcam its wire free, no more tangles and ready to use, also I can talk about the RAM and the hard drive, enough to do a lot of things, the design and the size for a very reasonable price, and What can I say about costumer service, this is one of the best costumer service dept.whenever I was not sure to go they always help me out and they solve any question or issue with mY laptop for the first year of warranty. I really recommend the toshiba products they are one of the best produts with affordable prices.

Houston, TX


Perfect laptop for all my computer needs!


When I decided to buy a laptop the Toshiba came highly recommended from a friend who had enjoyed his for several years. After doing some research on my own I felt this was the laptop for me. I sell things on an online auction site and the Toshiba M305-S4848 has all the speed and power I need to do the job. The operating system and software run smoothly. I haven't had any major problems with this little laptop. Everything works just as it should. I can even multitask and it doesn't seem to get bogged down at all. The DVD player and controls are simple to use and the picture quality is great! The laptop is lighter than some (about 6 pounds) but yet the laptop feels solid and sturdy. I have been very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend this computer to anyone needing a good quality laptop without spending a lot of money. I think this is a wonderful top level laptop at a mid level price.

Wynne, AR


This is the only brand that I have had no trouble with.


This is the second Toshiba laptop that I have purchased.  I love the computer.   It is easy to use, and I would buy another one if I needed to.  Its easy to clean, its a beautiful shiny black sleek keyboard with screen.  I like that it came packaged with the on board web cam and skype already installed into the software programs.   I would recommend this brand to anyone friend/neighbor/associate.  This is my second computer that is laptop by Toshiba.  It is very user friendly, no glitches, no bugs that I have found anyway.  It packs up is easy to travel.  I pick it up and go to a local bookstore and plug it in or just use it on battery, the battery can last up to four hours which is very convenient, and then just plug it back it in when you get home, and it recharges while you use it.   Im not too computer savvy, especially the hardware part.  But I love this computer, it works for me, it is easy to use, easy to navigate, hardly any set up instructions needed.  It has internet programs already installed for the new user to computers.

Richland, WA


Toshiba Satellite M305 Notebook PC

5.0 3