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Toshiba Satellite L675 Notebook PC

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Have had this laptop for over a year and love it!


I got this laptop for Christmas over a year ago. Have not had any problems since. Would recommend it. Battery Life The battery life is average compared to other laptops. The battery does get pretty hot, or maybe the laptop itself does, not sure which it is. If it starts overheating, it shuts down automatically. So I use something to prop it up in the back to let air circulate under the laptop. That seems to do the trick! Speed/Performance It's pretty fast. I'm very satisfied with the speed and it performs great. Sometimes the browsers freeze, but I doubt it has anything to do with the performance of the laptop itself. Probably more on the side of the browser performance. Design Love the 17" widescreen! I watch alot of movies and TV shows on it and the graphics are clear and sharp and the color is beautiful.

Plainfield, IL


good laptop for average user


See comments below.... Ease of Use Easy to use once you are familiar with keyboard and layout. Battery Life I get about 4 hours use on a full charge...less than the specs specify. A pop up will warn you are at about 10% to plug into a source or will soon shut down. Speed/Performance Generally good.... Design I use a wireless mouse since I do not like the pad on laptops...just my preference and easier to use....only two ports.... nice large printed keys. Durability Had my laptop since Oct. 2012 and no issues.

Meriden, CT


Toshiba Satellite L675D - DON'T BUY IT


I purchased this laptop in February of 2012. I started having problems immediately. Upon contacting Toshiba, I was told the warranty was expired and they could not help me. It took 17 phone calls and sending them my receipt to prove that I had just purchased this laptop from Sams. Toshiba then re-instated the warranty. I began having problems with the laptop overheating and crashing after being in use for 1/2 hour. I was able to run diagnostics and all sorts of tech thing to get the laptop working again. After 20 times of this happening, with no response from Toshiba, I purchased another brand of laptop in July. Toshiba would not authorize repair of the laptop nor replace the laptop. I had a hard enough time getting the warranty issue resolved, then they would not honor the warranty. I will never buy another Toshiba product and actively tell others to do likewise. Ease of Use System crashed after 1/2 of use. Not able to get anything accomplished. Battery Life Battery would not stay attached, so was never charged. Support & Service Support and Service from Toshiba is non-existent. Speed/Performance Very slow loading and pages would come up with error messages repeatedly. Design 17" screen caused a great deal of distortion. Durability Very poor construction.

Cut Bank, MT


Just okay


I have to say this is my first laptopnd I am not a computer whiz by any means. While I absolutely LOVE the features of a laptop, I am a little dissapointed with this one. I have already experienced a lot of trouble with the Toshiba L75 laptop. Within the first month, I had already had to do a system recovery I am constantly having problems with the startup and the laptop freezing up. I am a little worried about the maintence that has already been needed to keep this laptop at full function. I do feel as if this computer matches the price that i paid for it. I do love the larger screen, as we watch a lot of movies online. The picture is great! I also love the numeric keypad which was one of the main reasons for purchasing this computer. All in all, this laptop is just okay.

Fountain Green, UT


This Toshiba L675 Laptop is a great buy


I have had the L675 since last year from November I have not had one single problem. I was sketchy at first with using Windows 7 but it has been good to me. The laptop was a bit expensive but to me this is my second Toshiba and I have been very happy with it. There was nothing wrong with my first one but I received this one as a gift. I would recommend Toshiba laptop to anyone. My brother also highly recommends Toshiba laptops as the brand to buy. This laptop comes with Web cam and Skype, this is cool. I can make a call with this laptop without using my landline phone or using my cell phone. Speakers have great sound quality. With this laptop I have not had to call customer service for anything. This laptop also comes with a number keypad. I have purchased other laptop and was not happy with them or the customer service.

Uncasville, CT




I received my Toshiba Satellite L675-7012 as a birthday gift this past December from my mom and I have to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! This laptop is so advanced and I love the compact design and compared to other laptops my family has had, this one is very lightweight. I wish it came in different colors but I can deal with the standard black. I love the speed of it. It's not sluggish or delayed when opening webpages or playing games. It connects very easily to any wireless network connection so there are no wires or modems involved. The very spacious hard drive comes in handy because I love storing music and all of my photos and compared to my HP Pavillion Slimline desktop which has run out of room, this is an awesome back-up and replacement. I would like to buy an external hard drive to pull all of my music and photos from both computers to free them up and the thing I like about this laptop is there are more than enough usb ports to accomodate any external peripherals. The mouse pad is dual-function. I can press the buttons to click it or I can just tap or double tap the sensor. I'm loving the CD burner and there is also a DVD burner (which I have yet to learn how to use) to dub movies.  Pretty much the only downside to this is that there are no physical volume controls on the laptop. Any time I want to turn it up or down, I have to go into the volume controls and manually adjust it. Another issue is with the scrollbar and the mouse. If I stay on it too long, it turns into a horizontal or vertical scroll bar and it just scrolls out of control really fast.   Other than that, **I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!**

Atlantic City, NJ


Toshiba Satellite L675 Notebook PC

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