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Toshiba Satellite A300 Notebook PC

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Outstanding Laptop


The Toshiba a300 is the best laptop i have ever owned. I bought this laptop back in 08 and it is a great computer! It comes internet ready so there is no hassle. I have 4 gb ram and 420 of hard drive space so i can run almost all programs and games. The graphics card is not a bad one and has good picture. I love the blue ray player feature on my laptop. This laptop runs very smoothly, and is extremely fast for any computer let alone a laptop. The battery doesn't last very long but that is a small price to pay for the speed. The fingerprint login is a very cool feature. I enjoy the speakers very much. I mainly use my laptop for editing videos and audio clips and would rather use it than a mac. I didn't like the operating system (vista) so i upgraded it to windows 7 and have had no problems with speed or efficiency. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone. I don't use internet explorer (Use google chrome, much faster) but google chrome is lightning fast with this computer and theres never any loading time.


Vista, CA


Great but bulky companion everywhere.


I do not know much about computers, so I did a lot of research - asking friends, looking up models online, etc. - and ended up buying this one, and planned to use it for university. The whole plan of taking notes on my laptop in class went down the drain when I realized how heavy this was to carry around all day, and how uncomfortable it was to have to carry it in its special little bag, because it was too big to fit into my backpack, which seemed to be what everyone else could do. For the most part, it stayed home like a desktop would, but I have not had technical problems; the machine has run smoothly for about three years now. The only complaint I have would be that it overheats from time to time. It gets so hot sometimes that I'm afraid of it blowing up. I've tried using one of those fans that you place under a laptop to cool it down, but it did not work too well; the problem remains.


Houston, TX


I am extremely satisfied with my toshiba satellite A300!


I have owned my toshiba satellite A300 laptop for over a year now and it is still works like it's brand new. One of the things the most attracted me to this computer, besides it's unique cover style, were the touch sensitive media control buttons located above the keyboard. It saves time and makes it very convient for controlling movies or music without disturbing what you are currently doing. Also, it has an amazing sound quality. I am a fairly fast typer so it was a relief that the keyboard was extremely responsive to even a quick light touch. I am a gamer as well and this laptop has worked practicly perfect with any games i have tried on it such as World of Warcraft, Dragon Age, Resident Evil, etc. Other features i am very pleased with include a 200GB hard drive and a decent dvd writer. I could go on and on about what i do like but there are two things i am unhappy with about this laptop. The first thing is when using it portably the battery life is very short and inefficient. Lastly, the volume dial is located on the very front of the laptop. This is quite the inconvience if you are using it in a situation where it is in your lap for example you can accidently change the volume unexpextedly and thanks to the impressive sound it puts out this is often a problem as is it very startling and can be disturbing to others in public situations. Overall though I really couldn't be happier.


Oklahoma City, OK


The Toshiba Satellite A300 series of Laptops are very useful!


The Toshiba A300 series of laptops are useful for the college student on the go. Not only does it come with a widescreen display, it also has a rocking sound system which makes it easier to listen to music, play videos and gaming. This computer is built for gamers who would like to play games developed by many companies and can be used anytime on call. The battery power is very reliable for two hours before it is needed to be plugged into a power source. A lot of people might ask why should I purchase a Toshiba product when I would rather use Hp or a Mac? Well to answer their questions I give you the opinion from an experienced user such as myself. The Toshiba system can be compatible with any other Os and it has a really reliable service team that will assist you with any problem you might have when using this fine product. The computer's hard drive space may be limited but it helps to prevent any system crashes and errors. This system comes loaded with the Toshiba game console which has a variety of games and the Toshiba DVD player which plays a crystal clear picture on any screen it's plugged in to.  Anyone who is starting out with a laptop I encourage you to purchase this system. It is durable and can handle any type of impact. In short the Toshiba Satellite A300 series is the Chuck Norris of the laptop world! 


Flint, MI


Toshiba Satellite A300 Notebook PC

4.3 4