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Toshiba Satellite A100 Notebook PC

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i heart toshiba


I really like this laptop, it is my first pc. i got it in 2007 and it still works great, granted i had to use the recovery disks a few times. the best part is it was really easy to get started,about 6 months ago i broke the lcd screen and had to replace it, i decided to put off  replacing the lcd screen and purchased a flat screen monitor. installing the monitor was simple all in all my toshiba satellite has done very well over the past two years, toshiba is wonderful a brand of computers that i would definately purchase again, but the only bad things i can critisise about are, that the laptop is verry fragile, the replacement parts are not cheap,and that its battery life is really low. the wifi finder works excellent for  finding internet, and the 24 hour helpline was very helpful when i did not understand somthing. i think it would be a great first pc for anyone who is not computer savvy. in all i have found the toshiba satellite to be a great laptop Cody bolster

East Wakefield, NH


I love my Toshiba


I bought a used one for a really good deal which came with a wireless card (a must have), and a 768MB RAM upgrade. The laptop runs amazing, way better than my desktop and runs photoshop cs2 very smoothly. Great laptop, easy to use, decent battery life, and nice and light. The screen is very nice and so are the built in speakers, very good quality for a laptop. The volume control (left side at the front) of laptop is also very handy.   I have had Dells and HP's before but they cannot compare to this Toshiba Satellite A10 Yes it does lack alot of productivity software but if most people are like I am than you already have it or you go and buy the products you want.. Alot of software that comes pre installed I never use and delete it out.. I am running with windows xp professional I love it...If I was to buy another laptop/desktop I would have to go with a name I now trust and thats TOSHIBA.

Thibodaux, LA


loving this laptop


My husband bought this laptop before we met 3 years ago, I think he has had it for 4 years now or so. Never have issues, the satellite is great for travel, and if it ever completely dies and we need something else, it will more than likely be another Toshiba with the Satellite:)

Burlington, KY


I loved my Toshiba Laptop so much I went and bought another one


I loved my New Toshiba Laptop so much that a few days latter I kmew if I was going to get to keep it I had better go and get another one for my husband. I have now gotten a third for my oldest son for a gradustion present and am planning on getting a FOURTH one for my other son for a Christmas gift ! I love the idea of cleaning off all those desk tops and messy cord pile ups all tangledrunning under and over and through their rooms. I will never go back to a PC and buy Tosiba Laptops for now on We all use our computers differently and the Toshiba Laptop is able to adapt to all our needs

Erie, PA


My Toshiba Laptop has been a godsend.


Being visually impaired, finding a computer especially a laptop that I can work with has been extremely challenging.  The Toshiba has one of my favorite features that I have not found on any other laptop.  At least not at time of purchase.  while Vista comes with it's own built in software for enlarging things, the fact that it splits a screen makes me nausaus.  The Toshiba offers a dropdown menu that allos you to choose from 3 different font sizes.  I LOVE this feature, and couldn't live without it.

Greensboro, NC


Toshiba Satellite A100 Notebook PC

4.2 5