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Toshiba - REGZA 40350RFU Television

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Toshiba_Regza tv the best I ever owned


Best of the best. The hd is amazing. Better than any other hd tvs we have in our home. Picture Quality High Defination is amazing. You can see every pore on these super models face. No hiding on this tv. Sound Quality Volume is not too loud or too low, its perfect. Durability I have it on about 10 hours a day Design Flat and easy to move Performance Best picture quality I have seen.

Columbus, OH


Love It!


This is a beautiful television with amazing picture quality. The price is just right. Great fit for the space I wanted to place it in. Outstanding sound quality. Thinking about purchasing another for my daughter's room as an upgrade. I love the Toshiba brand and styles. This is a purchase you cannot go wrong with.

Lansing, IL


Works for us, but does have issues


We've owned this TV for about 5 years now, and it's worked well for us. However, it was very expensive and for the price we paid I would expect it to be a lot better. We did have an issue with it emitting this super high pitched noise. It would start a few minutes after we turned on the TV, and go away about 15 minutes after that. I can't remember if we found a way to fix it (doubtful) or if it just went away on its own after a while. It was past the warranty, so we were out of luck. If the noise was worse, or didn't go away, we would have had to buy a brand new TV. As far as the quality, it's not the best picture or sound quality I've ever seen. For our next TV, we will definitely shop around. Not sure that I would purchase this brand again.

Middletown, OH


Awesome picture quality with attractive thin bezel design


I looked at a lot of LCD TV's before purchasing this one. The biggest reason I decided to go with this model was the thin bezel design that allowed it to fit into a spot only 37 inch TVs would fit into. I checked out a lot of the electronics forums before my purchase and decided that most people who purchased it seemed happy with their choice. I've had it now for 3 weeks and so far I am very satisfied. The picture quality of the HD is stunning and the SD channels look very good as well as long as you have a good signal source (I have digital cable). There is a very slight flashlight effect in the 2 upper corners but only SOMETIMES and only during very dark scenes but it only happens occasionally and to me it's barely noticeable especially if you adjust the backlight lower. 

Staten Island, NY


Great TV for the price


I purchased this television on sale as an upgrade to my previous 32" Olevia. I definitely was turned on by the 1080P 120hz refresh rate that this television provides. The picture of this television is absolutely stunning, with deep blacks and sharp colors. Definitely not what you would expect from a television in its price range. The sound quality is great as well, no need to even plug in the home theater system when watching television. This television also comes with an easy setup process and many HDMI inputs for all your devices. The built in HD tuner allows you to pick up over the air HD signals. The television does not have picture in picture, which is a bit of a disappointment, but the rest of the features more than make up for it. For someone who is looking to either upgrade their current set or purchase their first HD television, the Toshiba Regza 40" model is the perfect option.

Altamonte Springs, FL


gorgeous picture


This televisoin has the best picture quality of any television I have seen.  When I have guests over someone will eventually comment on how bright the colors are on our television and how nice the picture is.  When this one goes I'll be heading back to the store for another Toshiba.

Decatur, IN




Purchased this TV last month. OMG, I love it. Upgraded from a 32 inch and it was the best decision. If anyone is hesitate to buy this TV - DON'T. You will not be disappointed. Not to mention the price is right. The picture, color and reception is fantastic. So easy to set up too!!! IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A GOOD TV...LOOK NO MORE! Everyone in the house will LOVE it as much as you.

Salisbury, NC


Toshiba - REGZA 40350RFU Television

4.6 7