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Toshiba - Flat Panel HD Television

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I bought this Toshiba 26AV52R tv for the family office to replace our old 13" Sylvania tube tv and im glad we bought to replace it! This tv is just right for an office, it big enough so you ca nwatch your favorite programs and sports game without standing right in front of the tv to see it. Before we I sat in the recliner to watch games on the tv I could never see the scoreborad. Now I see see it perfectly.It a great lcd tv for the price. Its energy star so it doesn't cost much to watch, 60hz  refresh rate, 720p, a tv turner, 2 HDMI ports, and two speakers for great sound for this size tv. Easy to move if dusting, celaning, or moving, not that heavy about 20-21 pounds.All of my other tv in my house are Toshiba tvs.Toshiba makes on of the best tv around out there.And there prices are very reasonable compared to other brand tvs like samsung for example. They make a great tv, but a little pricey. Love this toshiba tv, would buy another love it! A+++

Hooksett, NH


Love this tv for the quality and Price!


I would have this tv in my bathroom if I could! I love football and cant miss a second but my hisband thinks thats strange... .It has a very clear picture Quality and the price is better than other tv's I have compared it with. I would definately recommoned it !

Brick, NJ


Toshiba - Flat Panel HD Television

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