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Toshiba Excite 10LE Tablet

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Excited about the Excite


This is a really AWESOME tablet! We have really enjoyed using it. My 3-year-old loves the games that can be downloaded on it and begs to play them on the tablet. It's also really awesome because it's more convenient then getting a laptop out. It's great for travel because of it's size/portability and ease in turning on. It travels very well and its durable. it has made trips in planes and cars several times and has held up fabulously through the security checks and other luggage. I believe the iPad's battery lasts a bit longer, but this one is much cheaper than iPad. The processing speed is pretty fast and it's super light weight. If you are wanting to try out a tablet, but don't want to shell out the big bucks for an iPad I would recommend this for your consideration. It's awesome for searching on the internet and playing games because of its fast speed. The screen picture is also awesome-- so clear and high quality. If you're in the market for a tablet I would definitely recommend considering this Toshiba Excite. You will not be disappointed!

Greer, SC


Expected more for the price


Thankfully my husband was able to purchase this tablet dirt cheap on sale because if we paid full price I probably would have taken it back. It freezes on an all too consistent basis and the processing speed is way slower than promised. Battery Life The battery life is one of the only silver linings on this tablet. Even when I'm on it all day the battery still lasts. Processing Speed It takes what seems like an eternity for items to download or for apps to pull up. Weight The weight isn't too bad. However i would have preferred if it was a bit lighter. App Availability App availability is fine. There are a few apps in the google play store that are not compatible with this tablet but those are pretty few and far between. Design The design is pretty average. Nothing about it really sets it apart from the other tablets on the market. Durability I would say durability is average.My husband did drop it once and thankfully the screen didn't crack, but the freezing problem got worse unfortunately.



Really Enjoy!


Although it took some getting used to, I really enjoy this tablet and I feel like for the price I paid I got a much better deal than an Ipad. I got this for traveling and also for home leisure. I use mostly for music, Skype, Facebook, and surfing the web. It's a lot easier to browse on this tablet than to pull out the laptop. As for homework, I prefer an actual keyboard.

Wyanet, IL


Awesome Tablet for Android


This tablet is a very nice addition to our extensive electronic collection. It is very compact, very light and easy to use. Alot less expensive that the IPad. Battery Life This tablet holds a fairly long charge, unless you are running an antimated wallpaper or another continous application. Processing Speed As long as your internet connection is fair, will run at a fast pace. Weight This product is lighter than a laptop and more compact. Design I like the simple design, mine is black front with silver backing which is neutral and not flashy. One thing I do not like is where the charger plugs in; when the tablet is charging the tablet cannot tilt but has to lay flat. Durability Honestly, I have dropped mine a few times from a seated position onto a linoleum floor and it has not suffered any damage; that being said I would give it a better than average rating.

Murrysville, PA


worth the price for sure!


Very happy with my Toshiba excite! Battery Life I am on the computer all day, and then the kids get it in the evening, and as long as i charge it fully overnight, the battery lasts throughout without having to charge in between. Processing Speed Love the speed! I go from page to page instantly Weight The weight isn't real light, but its not too heavy either, for my preference App Availability I have not come across any issues with not finding an app I wanted Design The design is just fine. The only issue I have is where the input for the battery cord is located, which is on the bottom, so if for some reason I do need to use it while its charging, I can't use my tablet case Durability One issue is after only having it for 1 week, the thin piece that sits where you put the charger in cracked. Has not caused an issue, but didn't like that

Spring Hill, FL


the Toshiba Excite tablet is something to get excited about!


The Toshiba Excite 10LE is exactly what I wanted and more than I needed. I was looking for a tablet I could read on and keep my family research on and surf the web. I am no computor expert and wanted something I could figure out and use daily. So far any issue I have had with the Toshiba Excite is just from not being computor savy. I went on line and read the user guide which helped educate me on how to use this tablet and the all the possibilities. Battery Life The battery life is excellent! I get a full day of use out of it, including watching videos. I usually charge it every other or every third night. Processing Speed The Excite is faster than my Toshiba lap top. For my usage, the speed is great. Weight The tablet is sturdy, and is not light weight, but not heavy. I do put it in the portfolio stand for long reads, as it rests very comfortably on my lap. It doesn't bother me to hold it to read, I just prefer to leave it in the case. App Availability I have just begun to fiddle with the apps, but my husband is very happy with the choice and amount of apps. The reader down load that comes with the Excite is the Toshiba brand and I couldn't get the books to down load. I added the Kindle app and voila! Now we are happy. Design The Excite seems to have a pretty good design. The only thing I have a slight problem with is the pop up key board is not the same as my lap top (of course!) so it takes me longer to type. I still do most of my writing on the lap top as it is much quicker and easier for me than using the Excite. Durability So far so good as far as the durability. My four year old has used it to read stories, so the screen does get some smudges. My Toshiba Excite has even fallen on the floor and no damage was done.

cape cod, MA


Toshiba Excite 10LE Tablet

4.2 6