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Toshiba DVR-4X DVD Recorder / VCR Combo

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Piece of junk


Won't rewind or ff unless in play mode. Constantly turns itself off. Noisy. Just a pain to use. Tracking has to be adjusted constantly. Playback Quality Tracking has to be constantly adjusted. Loud clacking every time it is stopped or started. Durability From the noise it makes I expect it to break at any time.

Roseburg, OR


A great dual purpose player


We have been using this Toshiba Dvd/VHS player recorder for quite some time now. It has given us very good service and the versatility is still important to us. We do continue to watch a lot of the VHS recorded movies and purchased movies that we have collected over the years and have not converted them to DVD. This machine allows us to still enjoy them whenever we want. The player itself is easily wired to both the cable and television. The ease of use for switching from DVD to VHS is simple and we don't have to do any re-wiring or switching around to make that happen. When we do watch videos through this machine, the picture is quite clear and the sound quality is more than satisfactory. The player has been very durable for our family of four (previously five). We have no plans on upgrading to a more sophisticated player, since this one does everything we need it to do for our purposes.

Trenton, NJ


Toshiba DVR-4X DVD Recorder / VCR Combo

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