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Toshiba BDX3000 Blu-Ray Player

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Durability at it's finest.


The Only thing you can really judge a blu ray/ dvd player on is the ease of use and the durability overtime. With that being for a while it delievered. Playing blu ray disc with seemless precision, The disc load quickly, and it had not lost a step for the year I had it. Overall, I did not think you could go wrong with it. The it started freezing on me constantly every time I put one in it would freeze wither before playing or while. So it was good for a while. Pros: Great performance for a while Easy to use Cons: Expensive for today's standard blu ray player rather big, does not have a slim look. Not very durable, had issues after just one year For it's price, it just was not worth it. Performance great for the first year I had it. Went downhill after Sound Quality Blu ray with a great Television will blow your mind. The price for blu ray's is annoying but everything is better. Durability One year is ridiculous for this player's life. For the price it should be made with better quality.



Toshiba BDX3000 Blu-Ray Player

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