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Toshiba 55SL417U 55" LCD TV

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A great picture and good sound. Picture Quality Not the greatest if you watch dark movies/shows or live where there is bright light while trying to watch dim movies/shows. However, for normal situation it is good. I have had some issues with reflections from windows or lights making the picture hard to see. This has more to do with room set up than the picture quality, but wanted to make note of it. Sound Quality I can turn the sound almost all the way down and hear it at night, when I'm trying not to wake others up. It can also be turned up loud for those times when everyone is up, traffic is going and the movie sound is very low. No matter the level, the sound is clear and easy to hear. Design It does seem a bit top heavy. It isn't too bad, but if you live somewhere the floors shake you may want to find a way to secure it. Also, the border around the screen will reflect any small dent it has; it is very hard for it to be perfectly smooth, so expect some distortions (from reflected light) around the screen border.

Champaign, IL




Great product for the family to gather around Picture Quality Bright & vibrant color Sound Quality awesome especially during movies on Netflix Durability No issues have occurred to really know about durability...Thank goodness!! Design slim & looks great on our new entertainment center Performance works like it should & although the screen does free on occasion it shuts off automatically & then turns itself back on...COOL!!

Washington, PA


Toshiba 55SL417U 55" LCD TV

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