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Toshiba - 40 in. LCD TV

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just ok


I purchased this television with high hopes of a great picture and viewing pleasure and for the most part have gotten this. The television fit well into where I had planned for it to go and the picture has been nothing but great for the first while that I had it. But once the picture started to fade a little bit I called the Toshiba support line to try and solve the problem my television was having. That is where my problem comes in. The toshiba support line and all of the phone people I talked to were very rude on the phone and very unprofessional. As well as this their help was very little and has not solved my problem. the picture is still not as strong as it has been in the past and that is why I therefore will not buy anymore toshiba products. For me it needs to be a package deal, not just the product itself but support if i need it. And since the support for this television is no help practically at all I do not recommend this product.

Buena Park, CA


Amazing TV


Believe it or not, I actually got this tv for free. A furniture store around here was doing a promotion during Columbus day- if you bought a certain furniture set, you got a 40 inch HDTV. We weren't expecting much, considering the TV was free, but we were blown away! The quality is amazing! Blu rays looking outstanding. The TV has different wide screen settings, so you can easily adjust it depending on the movie you're going to watch. It also has a sports setting, which just adds to the quality, especially if you're already watching the game on a high def channel. I actually like sports mode in general. I watch a lot of shows with it on. It seems to make everything brighter and more colorful. The game mode is also really great if you're going to play video games. It makes everything run very smooth, and there is hardly any lag, if any at all. I would highly reccomend this TV. I know I didn't pay for it, but if I had to, I would in a heart beat.

Orlando, FL


Love the 1020 Hz display


This TV is amazing! I love watching live action sports on its display.  I find myself wanting to stay home rather than hit the bars to watch the big game b/c the TV is so superior to others.  It's like being in the front row! The weather in the area I live in has long cold winters so I have to find ways to entertain myself indoors for much of the time.....AAAAAAH! This is definitely the cure for cabin fever.  I sit indoors and just relax to this beautiful piece of technology.

Appleton, WI




This was our first High Definition Tv and after talking with the sales people and getting opinions from several people, I can say that our Toshiba HD Tv has been a very good TV. I bought it for my husband as a gift and the both of us have really enjoyed the richness of the color. Also you can't beat there warranty and/or the price in which you pay for it. Along with our TV we purchased the Toshiba DVR/VCR and it is an excellent product as well. I would highly recommend any Toshiba Product over any other brand.

Buena Vista, GA


I love this tv, even without hd service


So far so good I recently bought a 40" toshiba (40rv525U) only because all the 42" lcd's that I researched all day were out of stock... I was going to buy bigger but was forced to buy a little smaller... anyway this thing has the best picture I haveever seen I love it... some channels are better than others but I believe it to be of the source not my tv... I havent had enough time to consider the durability of this unit but as for picture quality and functionability, and ease of setup (4 screws for the stand)... (5 stars)

Auburn, PA


Toshiba - 40 in. LCD TV

4.6 5