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Toshiba - 37 in. HDTV LCD TV

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great sound no matter what volume-high or low-no echos


its an excellen tv. its a great size-perfect for all size rooms. the picture quality is great. this is my first tv after having a tube television for years and all i can say is ammmmazing. i got it for a great price during a sale.  the border does not take too much screen room. i have seen other toshibas that make it very noticeable and take away from the entertainment.

Tarzana, CA


Big and beautiful: a joy to watch.


This is my first flat-screen TV, and I love it. It's a lot of TV for the price. I needed a TV with a bigger screen (the REGZA replaced an itty bitty TV), and it seemed silly to get anything other than a high-definition TV, and also silly to get a high-definition set that wasn't a flat-screen TV. I mainly wanted a bigger screen for watching DVDs. I was going to put off getting a high-definition DVD player until later (when I bought the TV, the blu-ray/HD-DVD situation hadn't sorted itself out yet), but DVDs on my crummy old non-progressive-scan DVD player look so good that I am in no hurry to upgrade my DVD player.I have regular (not digital) cable. I expected non-high-def TV channels and broadcasts to look pretty bad. Some look a bit worse than they did on my old set, but most look about the same, and the high-def programs are stunning. It seems to me that all commercials are high-def, because they look so sharp and their products look so appealing.I was very happy that this TV retained its settings through a recent power outage that was several hours long. Note that the manual tells you to anchor this TV to a wall even if you are just setting it on a stand (not wall-mounting it). The guys at the store said that strictly speaking that was true, but most people don't bother. Well, I went ahead and put an eye-bolt in the wall and tied the TV to it, and I now feel more secure that it won't fall over. I've put a small obstacle course in front of it to discourage my cat from checking it out.I would certainly recommend this TV, and I would guess that REGZAs of other sizes are similar in quality. I know that 37" is not that large in the world of big-screen TVs, but my first reaction was, "Gee, the Simpsons are HUGE."

Chapel Hill, NC


Toshiba - 37 in. HDTV LCD TV

5.0 2