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Toshiba 32RV530 31.6 in. HDTV LCD TV

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Great Basic 32" Flat Screen--Nothing Fancy


My hubby bought this during a black Friday sale a couple years ago, when these were generally priced much higher than they are today. We've been pleased with the picture quality. My one caution for those with kdis or pets is that if you plan to have it standing on something, instead of mounted on the wall, please make sure it is high enough off the ground to be safe from little hands or paws. The stand is not extremely sturdy, and this could easily fall on anyone unsuspecting who bumps into it. My one other issue is that you have to select the picture size all the time, and I don't understand why I'd want to see a smaller picture than the screen size I purchased. Perhaps this is typical of the flat screen LCD TVs, but since this is the only one I've owned, I wouldn't know. Picture Quality We have no complaints, here! (But then we didn't see a huge difference between LCD and LED TVs.) Sound Quality Again, we're not too picky. Durability It's lasted through 4 moves, so far, never mind our toddler sons! Design I marked this down due to the stand. Performance I guess this is the key issue. No problems, but no bells or whistles, either. I do wish there were more input options on the back, so we didn't have to unplug the DVD player when we wanted to use the Wii.

Madison, WI


Toshiba 32RV530 31.6 in. HDTV LCD TV

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