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Toshiba 32C110U 32" HDTV LCD TV

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great picture


Ok, I think I finally am catching up with the times...no more tube tv for me! I was so fed up with only being able to see part of what was being advertised on the screen. This new 32" flat screen tv from Toshiba makes a world of difference with my TV viewing experience. I am so happy! The picture is perfect! So clear and precise... it shows so much detail I never even knew a TV could show. It took me a little bit of time to get used to having such a large screen ( I know 32" isn't that large but when you go from having a 19" tube tv ITS MASSIVE) I can easily hear and see my programs from the other room and not miss any 'important' parts in my show if I happen to leave the living room. I really enjoy that you can change your viewing experience with a click of a button...there are sports viewing features and a theater setting etc.... I have no idea how I got along without this TV for so long, but I am so glad I have it now. It's no turning back now, just on to bigger and better things from here! Design It's a bit big but hey it works great!

Round Lake, IL




The television is pretty nice for it's price and time. The volume just doesn't go too loud and the amount of volume it goes up or down between each click is either too much or not enough. It is a good purchase for a normal movie watching bedroom television, but you might want some extra speakers. Playing video games on this television is okay for a solo gamer, but it becomes difficult with a split screen game. It is pretty light-weight, nice for putting on top of a dresser. This television has multiple hook-ups so you don't have to unplug and re-plug to switch between playing games and watching a blu-ray or dvd. I am overall satisfied with this television seeing as how I was planning to buy a surround sound system regardless. The picture quality is pretty decent for plain old watching television or movies. I would recommend a larger size for video games or sports watching however.



Good 720 HDTV


Got this TV for the living room. We are not big TV watchers so we didn't want anything too big or too expensive. This fit the bill perfectly it is big enough to see from the couch and the picture quality is really nice for HD channels and with the BluRay player we have. I love that its nice quality and it didn't break the bank either. I am thinking about getting another one for the den just so when guests are over they have something to watch as well. I would highly recommend this TV to family and friends. Oh and Toshiba has good customer support. You are able to stream from nextflix on it as well which is really nice on those days when you are not sure what to watch or you want to catch up on old TV shows. Sound Quality We have it hooked up to a bluray player that has speakers so we don't hear just the TV quality by itself too often. Design It fits on the mantel perfectly.

San Antonio, TX


Toshiba 32C110U 32" HDTV LCD TV

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