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Toshiba 32" LED TV 32L2400U HD - 32L2400U


The 32” Class 32L2400U TV Combines Picture Quality and Modern Design – in One.

The Toshiba 32L2400U 32” Class 1080p 120Hz LED HD TV with 1080p Full HD resolution and a modern gun metal design is the perfect choice for any room in your home. Perfect for entertainment with an energy-efficient LED backlight and picture quality features, such as ClearScan® 120Hz technology that doubles the refresh rate for clearer fast-motion video.

The 32” Class L2400U LED HD TV includes Dynamic Picture Mode for maximum contrast, clarity and color saturation. Game Mode gives you that spilt-second reaction time, and DTS TruSurround™ creates an immersive sound experience. The 32” L2400U offers everything you need—and nothing you don’t.

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So-so for gaming but not much else.


I bought this Toshiba 32" LED TV 32L2400U HD - 32L2400U as a part of a Black Friday deal. I was in need of a smaller TV that I could place in the spare bedroom and also one to use for when I host LAN parties with my boyfriend. For the price I guess it is what I should have expected. The overall picture quality is just okay but nothing special overall. The sound is also just okay. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a budget TV or a TV to use in a situation like I am using mine for but I would definitely go with other brands over this one. Picture Quality The picture quality was rather disappointing. Like I said in my main portion of my review I think this TV does just fine in regards of being in a spare bedroom but I would not recommend this to anyone that actively watches TV. Sound Quality The sound quality is not what I was hoping that it would be but I can not complain due to the pricing of this TV. Durability I have not had this TV long enough to know whether or not it is going to be durable overall but it seems like a sturdy TV overall. Design I was hoping that the design would be a bit better. It seems rather bulky. Performance The performance is definitely lacking. I feel as though they could have done so much to improve this TV but did not do so.



Good crisp picture, decent sound


The picture quality is good, crisp detailed. Picture Quality Very good. Colors look vibrant and true to life. Sound Quality Sound tends to drop out as you turn the channels. Annoying but can be fixed by turning TV off then back on again. Design Basic design, easy to use. Wish there was a clock setting however. Also a timer to turn TV on at certain time. Performance Slight delay but otherwise dependable.



Would not recommend for a lot of use.


We had this 32 inch LED television in our office for a brief period of time. It did get fairly heavy use, which may have had an impact on its quick decline in performance; however, I think it was just a poor quality device. We had this mounted on the wall and the first 3-4 months the device worked great. It had a beautiful picture and good sound. However, the speakers started crackling after a few months. It then began shutting off out of nowhere, ever if we only had it on for 5 minutes. Right after the warranty expired the TV completely died. This wasn't the first Toshiba product we had die directly after the warranty expired. Our office has since switched to using other brands. I do not recommend this TV or brand. Buy a TV that will actually last. Picture Quality The picture looked great. It was very crisp and clear. Sound Quality The sound quality was decent and first but slowly declined. The speakers seemed to begin crackling after a while. Durability Conveniently, this television broke directly after the warranty expired on it. It lasted a total of one year and the quality of the TV began declining after a few months of use. Design Sleek design that looks great hanging on the wall. One thing I liked was that the lights did not create a reflection off the screen, which is a problem we had in the past with other TVs. Performance The performance declined. It worked well for about 3 months and then we started having trouble with the speakers. It then began shutting off out of nowhere and eventually died.



Toshiba 32" LED TV 32L2400U HD - 32L2400U

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